View Full Version : Are there any US companies that stock iwaver 02m 2008?

Hawk Itch
2008.04.08, 01:29 AM
Toyeast sounds like a great company, but I would prefer to buy from a company that ships cars and parts from a US location. I've found a few places that list them but none have them in stock. I had one on backorder from Tower for 10 months, they just discontinued the 02m and cancelled my order.

2008.04.08, 09:25 PM
Hawk Itch,
Tower was our North America sole distributor, so I don't think there is another company that stocks and can ship from US locations. Since we could not supply the stock to them. I'm not too sure about how the current situation is, but if tower does give up on the distribution we will open up the US and Canada market. If you ask me, your best and safest bet is with us, since we could provide the most stock and guarantees that it is the 2008 versions.

2008.04.09, 05:12 AM
Hawk, I have ordered from fangel's group of folks over at toyeast several times and never had a problem with my orders ariving within a week. There was one order that I placed that they accidentally over-sold a $2 item that I wanted, and when I recieved the order, there were around $14 in parts to replace the $2 part that was missing.

2008.04.09, 09:22 PM
Thanks for your praise for our service, we try serve our customer with the best quality of attention and care.

I have heard rumor that Hobbico (Tower Hobbies) is going to discontinue the distributorship for iwaver in North America. This might bring more opportunity for the US community, since we will then search for new distribution and retailing channels.

plane insane rc
2008.04.10, 11:26 PM
Hi Fangel,
My name is Ryan Robinson with Plane Insane RC. We recently decided to add cars to our line up of RC products. We placed a small sample order with toy east to get a fill for the service and quality of products. I think we caught you at a bad time with a holiday. The products that we ordered were 2 iWavers, 2 firelap nanoracers and several after market parts for each. We wanted to determine which of these product lines we wanted to carry. We experience a couple of problems with the cars and maybe you can help us out. 1 of the firelaps was DOA. We replaced the motor and it works great now. 1 of the iWavers worked at first but now it doesn't. We turn the radio on and then the car. When the car is turned on the servo makes a very small move to the left and stops. Its almost as thought the car is not receiving a signal from the radio. Do you know what could be causing this problem? Does this happen often with the iWavers? Please let me know. We are very excited to carry the iWaver line of cars but we want to make sure we are not going to be dealing with problems.

2008.04.11, 08:23 AM
Plane Insane RC. It sounds to me like is a simple faulty frequency Crystal. Try swapping the Crystals with another set, or try a different radio.

plane insane rc
2008.04.11, 11:54 AM
Thanks for your comment Ninja,
Is there something special about the iWaver crystals? I have 1 set of FM crystals and it didnt seem to fix the problem. I also tried several crystals from an xmod collection which are AM and again didnt fix the problem. I was told that I could use an AM or FM crystal and that it was the radio that determind if it was AM or FM. Never the less it has been tried and we came to the same disappointing outcome. I will try again today with iWaver crystals. Should that make a difference?

2008.04.11, 12:58 PM
the brand of the crystals shouldnt matter. If changing crystals and/or radio doesnt fix the issue, I would talk to the crew at toyeast about a replacement set of car and radio.

plane insane rc
2008.04.11, 06:49 PM
Ninja looks like your half right. I took the crystals out of an iWaver that I knew worked and guess what, the dead one now workes. Okay now for the half right part. I stuck the set that was supposed to be bad back in the car that I knew worked and now it works too! So what the heck?

I have a parts order at toyeast waiting to ship right now. I wish I would have known that this was the problem and I would have added crystals to the order. I sent an email and I hope its not too late to have some added for problems I might have in the future.

So are some cars better at picking up signals than others?

2008.04.11, 08:36 PM
yes, the range and such varied on some of my cars, but it was at distances that would not matter if raced on a track.

Hawk Itch
2008.04.12, 02:29 AM
Plane, thanks for the info, I'm glad to see someone is stocking them in the US. You should see an order from me when you get some of the other body styles and parts in.

Regarding your crystal issue, the frequency printed on the sticker on the crystal is most likely not the true frequency of the crystal. Radios frequently use multipliers of the crystal frequency, so a channel 1 crystal from 2 manufacturers may be a different true frequency, but the transmitter or receiver works it out to the correct frequency with the multiplier. Sometimes the transmitter and the receiver will use different multipliers, so make sure the crystals didn't get swapped.

Hawk Itch
2008.04.12, 02:34 AM

How many iwaver 02ms have you raced together, and did you experience any glitches? I plan on racing ~6 of these in a 3 car garage, so I need something that doesn't glitch even when the drivers are in close proximity.

plane insane rc
2008.04.12, 11:29 AM
What body style and parts are you looking for? We cant afford right now to stock all of the parts that toyeast carries. We know that most people will change the diff and put in bearings so we have ordered those parts. We have also ordered some complete upgrade kits that come with all the aluminum and carbon fiber parts. Please give us some suggestions on what items you would like us to stock.

As for how many cars can run together without interference, we have run 2 of the iwavers and 1 firelap together without conflict. What surface are you racing on? We use the foam floor tiles. They work great but we did have to switch to the softer tires to get better traction on the iwavers. The firelap seems to handle great with the tires it has.

Let us know about what parts you want stocked.

Hawk Itch
2008.04.12, 06:42 PM
My wish list:

1. 02m RTR with Saleen body, Ford GT 2nd choice. I prefer brighter colors for better racing visibility. Having a choice of channels 1-6 would be nice.
2. Tires (all varieties)
3. IWAVER ORIGINAL FRONT SUSPENSION & KNUCKLE ARM SET (front parts tend to break more frequently)
4. Iwaver Pinion Gear Set 6-9T 02M (4) (if not included in rtr)
5. Crystals or crystal set for channels 7-12
6. Motor upgrade

I'm going to try racing on fairly smooth concrete in my garage, if it's not grippy enough I'll tape lengths of the 36" wide redish painters paper from Home Depot to make the track surface. My Glitch-Mods worked well on either surface at least until they got a glitch ;-)

2008.04.13, 10:04 PM
I know that a forum member "Red Team" had held a race between iwaver 02M, X-mods and Mini-z. I had not heard or seen a problem during the race (he had upload the race on youtube). So racing should not be a problem, but I'm can't confirm how the construction of your garage will affect radio wave.

It's true that every manufacture tends to produce their band in different "True" frequency, so to avoid crashing in band, you should always look at the printed numbers and not the band itself.

If you are planning to get the Front suspension, why not upgrade to metallic, it would be even stiffer is provide even more protection, however I have never heard of anyone able to break the front end (even due to excessive crashing). The 6-9T pinion gear is included in the RTR set, also there is a upgrade motor made specific for the iwaver 02M, since it adapts the "plug and race" system introduced by iwaver.

I think if the surface is too mooth, it might spin out if accerate too fast.

Red Team
2008.04.15, 09:39 AM
That's true...at our track we have several 02M's now and we don't have any interferences with the Mini Z. Xmods are out of question as they can't race with our Z's or 02M's, and anyway, everybody at our club quit them.
However, the 02M's at our track had problems when the owners tried to change original stock crystals with some other crystals from toyeast...they don't work anymore :( Anyway, we hope to solve this issue soon...Toyeast has great customer service support.

2008.04.15, 09:37 PM
If you do encounter problem like this, I could provide some special crystal that I cannibalized from other 02M, that I could sell to you in replacement.

I have no idea what the problem is, but we are current investigating the problem with our Inopo FM27 crystal. There seems to be a problem with all of them. We have took them off the market already.

plane insane rc
2008.04.18, 01:26 PM
Well its good to hear someone else is having the same kind of problem as me with iwaver crystals. For some reason iwavers take a special crystal that cant be bought from your local hobby shop. Believe me I tried. I contacted toyeast because we now carry the iwaver cars and support parts. It was frustrating for me to know that if I sold 2 cars with the same body and likely the same frequency they wouldnt be able to run together on the track. Not much fun. I used to have xmods and have a full race crystal set so 12 frequencies. I hoped they would work for these cars as well but no such luck.

The good news is I have some iwaver crystals on the way with the following frequencies. I have in stock most of the upgraded car parts but I havn't updated my site yet. Once these crystals arrive I'll put them on the site too. If you need a crystal set or parts shipped from the US let me know.

Fangel, can you see about getting more than just 6 frequencies for us? I would like to see 12 or maybe 2.4:D

2008.04.20, 09:42 PM
The iwaver crystal require a very tune frequency and might come into problem with less precise ones.
I would assume the Xmods crystal are AM and very likely would not work with iwaver 02M since it is an FM system.
The reasons with only 6 right now is because we are trying to prevent jaming and signal noise from appearing, that is why we are limiting to 6 bands.
We are looking into developing for 12 band in the future.
2.4Ghz is not in the development yet, but we might release a upgrade kit for it in the future.

plane insane rc
2008.04.21, 02:22 PM
you mentioned that the iwaver crystals are a very tune frequency. Do you know of any other crystals on the market that will work with the iwavers? 6 channels won't be enought and I hope I can find another brand to fill in the frequency gaps.

2008.04.21, 09:59 PM
I'm not too sure what would work for sure, but I guess some of the higher grade crystal that are more precises should provide some interference free transmission.

As I have said, we are looking into expanding to more band in the future, but currently we only have 6 band to race with.