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2008.04.08, 05:47 AM
Here at Stafford we are looking to make some competitive action of F1 and my F1 was in no state to be competitive. For a start, the tyres were bald and my gear mesh was awful.

So I got myself a well over due handful of items to upgrade it! :D


Adjustable motor mount
2* knuckles
0* toe rod

My original knuckles stripped several of my nuts and the last time I raced it my wheel kept on falling off. So I went for a set from atomic with a 2* camber for even MORE stability. The toe rod was just for compatibility sakes. I figured atomic products probably work better with each other than other brands.

Here's the original front end:


Here's the new front end:


The back end was equally as bad:


My gear was wearing thin and I only have the one set of mounts for it because I got this car used. So I stuck in a new adjustable motor mount which allowed me to go to a gear ratio I am more comfortable with. It also allowed me a far better mesh.


Here's the new rear end:


Unfortunatly, I never knew that there would be no rear suspension with this mount and never got a damper/shock. So now there's a lot of sag in the rear.

This will probably cause me a whole heap of problems. I'll report back with my findings although I think the outcome is obvious.

What I like about the adjustable rear mount is the fact that you adjust how high or low your rear wing sits. I thought that was a nice feature.

And that's it. My new setup. Nothing too special but I was pleased with it. Here's what came out:


Here's how those new wheels look:


Here's the new look from the front. You can really see that camber - just like the real thing!


The tyres on it are atomic 10's all around. These were just for photo purposes. I ordered front and rear of each set to do some RCP testing tomorrow.

Again, I'll update this thread with my results.

2008.04.08, 05:52 AM
i found the same problem with my atm mount,dd is on order:rolleyes:
make sure you run some double sided around the rims with those 10deg tyres,they squirm like mad,thats why i went back to kyosho 20's

2008.04.08, 06:27 AM
I've heard bad things about the ATM tyres for F1... I'm gonna give 'em a go though. If they do work then they're a little easier to get than Kyoshos.

2008.04.08, 07:17 AM
I havent raced (drive it a lot, but not race) my F1 much, but Im currently running some ATM tires on RCP. They hook up fine, but the K 20s are better rears than the ATM 10s. I still mainly run ATM 10s though because of availability.

Im looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the rear mount. I have steered away from them so far because of the lack of suspension possibilities. Id like to hear if you can get it set up without a damper, and then how the damper works out on that body. Ive heard trimming is neccesary on some bodies, and thats not something Im prepared to do. :D

2008.04.08, 09:50 PM
cool pics, cool hop ups... man the groves on those tires look deeep... :D
wish you could've used the flash, some pics look a bit dark... love the rims too...
black looks very very sexy.... :D

2008.04.08, 10:56 PM
FYI, I have the PN mount. I really like it with the Kyosho F1 shock. the Rear Suspension is very nice. you can still set it with just the spring like the stock mount as well.

I'm not sure if the Atomic Damper will mount to the PN mount though, Maybe someone will chime in if iy will or won't.

I set up one of our members F1's he was having a terrible time getting it to hook up. I had some stiffer carbon fiber plates (not sure of brand) that worked really nice with the suspension. before the whole back end would sag and sit on the track even with the Atomic Damper. I couldn't spring it enough to lift it's self up with the batteries installed.

I also installed Kyosho 20's back and 30's in the front. it had atomic tires and couldn't get hooked up.

2008.04.09, 06:02 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys.

It turns out that the majority were right in that I couldn't get atomics to hook up. How unfortunate! I'll not give up yet though as some of it could come down to not having a shock.

Quite frankly, the car was appalling to drive and I am VERY disappointed in the motor mount for the money that I spent on it.