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2008.04.09, 10:14 AM
so we all know that the 2.4 LM chassis has different knuckles and different diameter wheels front and back, along with different (thicker) tires.

Has any one tried fitting the standard mini-z wheels and tires on them? I mean without converting the chassis using 02 parts.

With the smaller dia. rears will the motor mount be setting on the track? the fronts should be fine I believe.

I am having trouble with the stock tires hooking up at my home track and my would like to be able to change the and wheels to something that I know will work.

What would the offsets be if I'd like to continue to use the Porsche body?

2008.04.09, 10:44 AM
With the smaller dia. rears will the back be setting on the track? I front should be fine I believe.

Not quite sure I understand you there.

I have a standard LM set up with just MR02 wheels and tires. I don't have the car in front of me at the moment but I think I have 0 rear currently and +2 front with overhang in both front and back, meaning you can go wider. The correct set up if you want things fairly flush with the exterior of the car would be +1 rear, and +3 front I believe.

2008.04.09, 11:04 AM
I meant the diameter of the wheel with tire will be smaller going from the stock LM wheels/tires to the MR-02 wheels/tires. I was curious about the clearance under the motor mount if I did that.

sounds like it will work from your comments.

2008.04.09, 11:56 AM
I could try out some different wheels and tires for ya, but currently Im running mine with the wheels from my porshce 935. They look sweet and afford me a lot more tire choices. I belive they are 2.5n,1w, but Im not exactly sure how to tell stock offsets for bodies (something Ive never known how to do). I do know that these rear wheels have a larger diameter than the regular wheels and even the ATM 21.5mm diameter wheels, so this may be why it works for me.

2008.04.09, 12:55 PM
I meant the diameter of the wheel with tire will be smaller going from the stock LM wheels/tires to the MR-02 wheels/tires. I was curious about the clearance under the motor mount if I did that.

sounds like it will work from your comments.

Yeah the clearance is fine. It's actually pretty level so you don't need to worry about it being much lower in the back.

2008.04.09, 08:56 PM
I am running my 2.4 Porshe with the same wheels (Atomic dish)that I am using on my Calsonic Nissan body I am not sure about the offsets. PN 1 degree knuckles with yellow Kyosho springs a soft Kyosho H plate, bearings all the way around, a Kyosho F-1 diff with a 43 tooth spur gear 8 tooth pinion, my motor is some atomic can with a speedy o7 armature with some magnets I can't even pronounce that my buddy NORM built.

I had to put a bushing at the end of the diff with out a spur and there is only a bushing on the inside of my rim and a small washer on the outside to make the diff work. I am using the stock damper with a PN post and derlin damper plates with the red springs. PN 8 degree tires on the back and Kyosho 20's on front. I also removed the back wing plate underneath at the recomendation of my buddy Mike More(crusty for short).

Initially I had a 9 tooth pinion and an x speed with some worn out 8's on the back with a very loose diff. I was pleased by the cars performance. After I changed out the motor my buddy Pick aka(Zmiester) threw on the new tires (PN 8's)and tweeked my diff, put on the 8 tooth, a few other adjustments and that was all she wrote.

I ran the most laps I have every run in the main. It was the first time I have ever run that car at the track. It was running so poorly before I did not run in the qualifyer. I was seriously thinking about changing out the LM and running a 94mm 98mm MM with a pan car body.

One last thing I reinforced the front with Gorrilla glue this stuff is messy but strong it dries like hard foam insulation. You can sand it or cut if it expands to much. Warning it will expand into your headlights. I had to remove them and clean them out and re-glue them. The body looks awesome running with the other cars on the track. Thanks for reading hope I haven't bored you to death.


2008.04.10, 02:33 AM
You can use normal size front wheels. I used the Atomic 21.5mm TS wheels with somewhat high profile tires (PN 6d radials) I wouldnt use low profile tires like the Atomic Slick R. Kyosho 20d slicks may be the thinnest I would use. The PN inch ups may work well also.

I will setup up a test this weekend on an MR015 Odyssey and see what I come up with. I am currently running 3N wheels in the rear, so I figure I can use 0n wheels with the LM pod and diff. I would be using the 21.5mm TS wheels, I may need to shave away some of the rear wheel well to give more clearance since the body will be sitting lower.

Jay, please try to break up your posts into paragraphs. Will be much easier to read.

2008.04.10, 10:05 AM
it just so happened that I hade some alluminum wheel with the correct offsets.

after installing them. Inoticed that the spur protector was rubbing the track and causing it to spin out in one directions. I removed the cover and all is good now.

I have already cracked the front of the body and I have glue everything in nice and secure now.

2008.04.20, 06:46 PM
Hi there, I have placed the Porsche 962 stock tires on standard sized wheels and it seem's to raise the car a bit as they ARE thicker than standard tires. But, they do handle very well on RCP track. Most stock tires I've used spin out a lot on RCP, but these ones grip very well.

2008.04.30, 04:20 PM
dont now is this is the right thread to post this question but:

is the rear wider on the LM, or can i adjust the lm motor mount to 98mm, put on 0 offset wheels and a mclaren body

or do i have to use an old 98mm mount to do that?

have ordered myself a mazda rtr kit.. cant wait to get it and test it against my old mr02 car! :)

2008.04.30, 06:22 PM
you would need to use the standard MM mount.

the LM mount is a longer wheel base and the damper won't allow it to go shorter.

2008.05.01, 01:13 AM
The LM diff is 5mm longer, you can use it with any body that has 2.5mm offset wide wheels in the rear. You could use 0mm narrow wheels on the McLaren with the LM mount if you wanted...

2008.05.31, 05:20 AM
Received a set of the Kyosho 20 degree LM rear tires, 20 and 30 degree LM front tires, and a LM ball diff axle today, have been happily driving the Mazda for hours, lol it’s 3 AM.

The LM is turning some pretty impressive lap times with nothing more than a ball diff, bearings, medium CF H-plate, and the Kyosho 20 LM front and rear tires.

2008.05.31, 05:03 PM
For the porsche it looks like 2N/1W would be the max. The mazda looks like it can only take 1N/1W. Of course if you run some 1 degree knuckles, you could fit in an extra .5 in the front. Low profile tires in the rear are not recommended lol.

I really like running the mazda LM body as well. I haven't had to fiddle around much with the set up like my other cars.