View Full Version : Anybody play with theirs?

2008.04.09, 01:08 PM
Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody still play's with their Lite? I notice how dead this section of the forum is. I still bring mine to the track for fun. However, last time I bought it steering was weird.
Think the Dnano would bare better success?
Anybody want to post pictures of their Lite here?

2008.04.10, 02:04 AM
i got the monte carlo rally version... unfortunately, it's more of a novelty because of the monte carlo livery... she shelf queen now...

2008.04.15, 04:03 PM
So the answer is no.

2008.04.15, 04:11 PM
I personally don't know of anyone that purchased one.

I guess they weren't to sucessful, I don't know ????

2008.04.15, 04:15 PM
First off, the Lite was expensive when it first came out, around 200 buck's. Secondly, it's not very competative. Oh, and they didn't offer a lot of bodies to choose from. So, no, not very successful. Still, some of us do have theme, and I was just wondering if anybody play's with theirs, takes theme to the track once in a while or what.

2008.04.15, 04:27 PM
I think most people are avoiding this thread... due to its title... lol

2008.04.15, 04:33 PM
I think most people are avoiding this thread... due to its title... lol

that's a good one Drac.... :D

2008.04.15, 07:51 PM
Hardy, har, har. :D
You know what I'm talking about,

2008.04.22, 10:51 AM
I have to say no, nobody races their Lite? The only issue with my Mini Cooper is it need's wider wheel's. It's such a top-heavy car that it like's to flip out a lot. Plus, latetly my steering's been acting funny.

2008.04.22, 03:55 PM
I never bought one because in my opinion it was a step backward when the rest of the Z line was going forward into more pure racing bodies and styles. Sure it's "cute" to have a old school Mini but why would you want to run it when you can run almost any race car you want. Z's started out as regular cars with a few race versions of regular cars, then advanced into pure race bodies with the Super GT bodies and now the Le Mans bodies.

Lit is evolutionary dead end!


2008.04.22, 04:06 PM
i have one:eek: i mean, how could i not!:rolleyes:

do i ever take it out of the closet, no. it drives like an expensive peice of poo. i've said it a hundred times by now, the dnano is everything the lit should have been. it really makes the lit look like the failed product it is which is a huge shame as we all had very high hopes for the lit

biggest downfall really, price point. that alone killed it.

2008.04.22, 10:10 PM
Do you think the Mini Cooper from the Lite could possibley fit the Dnano chassis? Or is the Dnano so much smaller?
It's just somthing nice to have in the collection. I wonder if the Lite was a secret prototype pet project to become the Dnano later on.

2008.06.21, 01:49 PM
So does anybody else have a Lite and do they drive it around or does it just sit on the shelfe?

2008.06.23, 12:31 AM
still sitting on shelf... i guess i'll have to charge it so the batts don't die...
tried out my mini-t just last night... worked well after a couple of months in storage...

2008.06.23, 11:09 AM
Wonder if it'll be better as 2.4.

2008.06.23, 12:28 PM
I wonder if the epic fail of the lit is one of the reasons
for keeping the dnanos in the Japan market only...

That or their just jerks. :p

In their eyes we probably like to supersize everything lol.


As for the dnanos you mentioned marc, the way they are
being handled right now just sucks. For stores to carry them,
Kyosho wants them to do some crazy stuff.

I do find it weird/slightly amusing/depressing that I can
special order some kyosho parts through a store, but
can't have kyosho ship the small bastards to that store
to ship here lol... :p Go figure.


2008.06.23, 12:48 PM
Again, that's why I went ahead with purchasing mine off ebay. I really wanted one and I didn't want to wait forever and ever and ever till Kyosho decides to be nice to us American's too.
Still, I bet the Lit will be better 2.4 The chassis was a neat idea, making the same scale car's as the Z's but based on small micro-compact car's.
Again one reason why the Lit failed was it's high price for what it offered. There were only four bodies offered, and a few descent upgrades from Kyosho, but still can't corner well. My Lite alway's flips over on fast turn's. Gotta slow way down for theme and that's not much fun. I was going pretty fast with my Lite with the Xspeed motor and bearings, and when I turned the wheel, it did like ten fifteen flip's down the track! It was actually hilarious! Of coarse, that was with the Morris Mini Cooper, perhaps the Copen handles better.
Dnano's simply don't flip! They can go flat out fast and are a blast to drive anywhere. Plus it's really cool to be able to drive 1/43 scale with such high detail's and precision driving ability. I hope Kyosho releases more and more AutoScale bodies for the Dnano.
Be cool if Aoshima "Skynet" would release some movie-car bodies for the Dnano as well! Imagine, a 1/43 Batmobile or Knight Rider! Already have Aoshima's 1/43 die-cast Knight Rider, very cool, but Dnano would be cooler.