View Full Version : Any one own a mini-z boat?

2008.04.10, 01:22 PM
new cat c-1 lambo mini-z boat I picked up at my LHS for 119. got a lithium batt and an aquaspeed motor, going to see how peepy these ones are since my other boats seemed to work then not then work then died. anyone else own boats? I will post pictures soon

2008.04.10, 05:09 PM
i have the cat. drove it once it's for sale.new cat c-1 lambo mini-z boat I picked up at my LHS for 119. got a lithium batt and an aquaspeed motor, going to see how peepy these ones are since my other boats seemed to work then not then work then died. anyone else own boats? I will post pictures soon

2008.04.11, 12:02 PM
what do you want for it?

2008.05.01, 01:03 PM
I'd own a Mini-Z boat but I don't have a place to run it, so it would be useless except just another peice to add to the Z collection.

2008.05.01, 02:28 PM
well I guess thats a point. I'm looking at stacking the fets on my Cat and puting an atomic stock motor and a lipo in it, see what it does.

2008.05.01, 04:55 PM
How do you like your boat? I'm thinking about picking one up to run in the pool.

2008.05.02, 11:54 AM
They are uber fun, easy to modify with lipos from xmods or mini-z and make a big difference, if you stack some fets and put a hot motor on it, they scream around and give you a longer runtime than the stock pack. If you don't mind driving solo with mini-z then the boat isn't much different, I bought two (well I've had 4 but narrowed it to two) so I can race with another person.

2008.05.02, 01:59 PM
I'm sure their fun if you live near by a lake or a large swimming pool. But there is nothing like that near me. So if I owned a boat it would just sit there, and I'd have to have an Overland connected to the trailer. Right? :D

2008.05.04, 09:28 AM
lol you don't need an overland to own the boat but yes there is a hitch for the OL if you want to hook it up. My first boat is DOA returning it to my LHS I wonder if they RMA those of if they destroy them, if its the latter I would love just the hull to make a brushless setup now those are really fun.

2008.06.08, 10:12 AM
Hello all
I have 2 Formula boats.
Background is I use to race O/B Drag Boats. (67 yrs old now) - so I race in my pool ...
Question: Can the circuit boards be rebuilt? (I just fried one) Can individule parts be bought without buying the whole board? (90.00 dollars USD)

I've straightened the bottoms (old racers trick) and sharpen'd the leading edges of the Lower Units & Skegs ... "Makes a difference ...!!!" THe BIG Difference came when I chucked the Shaft with the BIG BULBOUS Coupler (to the prop shaft) in a drill motor and used a fine file to file the coupler down to a diameter matching the lower unit. (4mm) Taper the coupler from the shaft to the 4mm dia. Makes for a smother flow of water to the lower unit, and improver performance and run time!

(I see a lot of people don't post often here)


2008.06.08, 12:59 PM
if you look at my post for a brushless boat in this thread it can be done with a formula boat as well. To answer you question yes you can get spare parts for the boat, I have extra parts galore, (fets are what usually goes out on the board. I would be really interested in some pictures of that you to the shaft and bottom of the hull. If you can post the pictures or email me nicdobson@gmail.com I'd appreciate it. maybe we could make a trade if you do a prop for me I have all the parts you'll need. :D

2008.07.05, 11:06 AM
i have one that my friend gave to me. it's new and it looks like it's been sitting on his shelf, never used. how much can i get for one of these?

it looks fun though. i wish i had a pool. lol :D

2008.07.05, 09:40 PM
how fast are you guys getin these things to go?

2008.07.10, 10:31 PM
hey nic, where's the pix of your boat?

2008.07.14, 01:32 PM
sorry in vegas over the weekend, I have pictures posted on the other thread I think....though here is a shot right quick just in case. you could probably get 80 or so out of your new formula, I perffer the Cat's I've owened four or so formulas and two cats LOVE the cats easier to mod and handles better, lower CG and looks better IMO.

I am using the same lipo and roughly the same brushless motor as this guys on the vid link below, and it seems that his is the same speed as mine if not a little slower, I'll post vids when I get my camera back.

2008.07.23, 05:49 PM
what KV losi system did you put in your boat

i assume the highest rpm 10kv

i got a 8750 sitting around

2008.07.24, 12:15 AM
its the 8kv one, I have the 104kv er whatever the number is in my micro-t, however I am debating building another one with a 11.1v lipo and a 30a brushless esc and a 4kv brushless motor around the same size, I would just put the 11.1v on the one I have right now but I don't know if the losi system could take 11.1v?

2008.07.24, 08:30 AM
sweet, i still havent used my lambo boat, but my friend just closed on a new house with a big indoor pool, cant wait to see it run

ill check out your pictures and try to install this 8kv in this weekend


2008.08.24, 08:42 PM
hey nic,you got any parts left for the f1 style boat?
im after the shaft and outboard

2008.08.28, 01:26 PM
yeah no luck there, I know theres one up on the bay right now but it would probably be too dear to pay just for parts.

2008.08.28, 02:02 PM
damn,ill keep looking:(

2008.09.09, 01:33 PM
It's been awhile since the last post here - but I needed a lower Unit for 1 of my boats - and called California ... told them I didn't need the whole motor - and they work'd with me and got me just the lower unit part!!!
Also - here's another "prop trick"
If the prop U wanna run drags your boat speed down ... try sticking a tooth pic in it - chuck it up in a drill and as U spin it - take a fine file and dress the DIAMETER down. A rule of thinb is - adjust speed with PITCH - and motor RPM'S with Diameter.
I reduced a 2 blade 15mm Dia - 1.0 pitch to ... 13mm Dia and it made a BIG Difference in motor RPM's and increased speed .....
Of course remember to sharpen the blade edge with fine sandpaper when your done .....

2008.09.11, 11:38 AM
soo if I sent you my prop would you do that for me for a small fee? ;)

2008.09.12, 07:03 AM
Sure Nic ... U have my address I think ... It's a easy mod though

2010.09.16, 06:56 AM
Any cheap & effective way to improve the running time? 5 minutes is too short for 1 charge.

Also care to recommend the parts to purchase?