View Full Version : F1 White Body?

2008.04.10, 03:13 PM
Hi there,
do Kyosho produce white formula one bodies and if so, where are they available to buy?

2008.04.10, 09:39 PM
Found 2 different ones on one of the Japanese sites. They showed currently out of stock so I'm checking every couple of days to see if they have them.

2008.04.11, 09:07 AM
I have only seen them always Out Of Stock, and at Japanese forums, of guys that personalized them.

Never saw a site that has them for sale.

Tim, why is it SOOOOOOOO hard to find these? Why aren't they available. The mini-z community is always screaming for white bodies. Why won't K listen to hobbyists?

Also, Open wheel cars are great and there are a lot of requests for F1 bodies and chasis by the miniRc community. If F1 is so difficult because of commercial rights, aren't A1GP or champ Cars a second option ?

Perhaps also a generic white body could be available for sale.

Having an all Ferrari grid with the new cars available now, is not for racing, unless, mini-Z is still being considered as a toy and not for competition by the big K.

It's really amazing.