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2008.04.12, 11:42 PM
I ordered some of these batteries off of ebay for my TX, mostly because they were really cheap. But are they any good?

edit: the link doesn't work, but if you go on ebay and search "rechargeable AA", the BTY's are all over.

I also got 8 AAA's as part of the deal. Not too worried about how good they are, since they are so cheap, and i don't really need the AAA's.

Anyone ever tried these batteries? Do they work well in the tx?


2008.04.22, 07:14 PM
If you bought them, let us know how they work. I bought the 1000mah AAA batts, and they dont work properly in my 1 HR energizer charger. They charge only for about 15-20 mins and then my charger gets the flashing lights, meaning something has gone wrong. Maybe the charger is charging em too fast, I dont know. I did some searching around the forums here and didn't find a good enough reason on why they shouldnt work. My 700mah batts work fine with the charger though, dont know whats going on. Could mean the batteries are crap, or they just dont function correctly with my charger.

2008.05.04, 08:23 PM
lol, i was just going to post that: The aaa's dont charge in my 1 or 2 hour charger. they charge for about 15 minutes, then the light flashes. What i did is borrow my friends 7-hour energizer charger, and since that charger charges at a way lower rate or whatever, they can completely charge. And they work very well for the price. if alkalines were a 1 and intellects were a 10, these would be about a 7. they last a little longer than my rayovac hybrid 800's, and have the same punch. So yes, they work very well, as long as you have at least a 5 hour charger[ considered a "quick charge" if you read the battery label]. The AA's on the other hand, well those charge up just fine on my xmod charger and my 2 hour charger. I charged them 2 weeks ago, and they're still working great. [in my tx]

2008.06.08, 08:00 PM
Just a suggestion, after testing more than 12 batteries in the market for mini-z i think that you will never go wrong with buying purpose specific batteries like Team Orion 900hv or R1wurks Competition batteries :D but really joking aside i think this batteries will give you the best bang for the buck considering that they are retailing for less than $10 per pack.

and best of all you can buy it here.


2008.06.26, 06:47 PM
those are really good prices, although i got a set 12 for around $5. I cannot compare quality to other batteries listed in shop though.

2009.01.21, 05:30 AM
These BTY batteries are truely junk. Don't bother getthis those for the car itslef. Their internal resistance is extremely high (shown by the behavoir and verified by measuring), they deliver very low power, and capacity is nowhere near what is stated in their lables.
Go for the branded batteries and you will most likely be much happier with the results.

2009.01.24, 12:44 AM
well, ever since i've upgraded to 2.4, i've been using the triple A's in the TX, and they work great! i haven't charged them for a month now. :eek: