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Action B
2008.04.14, 12:46 AM
Since our club is only meeting every other week, I got awesome and bought my own track. It is kinda makeshift, but works pretty nice. I'm buying two more so that I can combine them all together to practice ju-jitsu, but I can also use them to double the size of the tracks in the pictures.

So this is Maya and I racing for the first time on our track. Anyone else is welcome to come and race when were not meeting at hobbytown.

Lancia Delta's...
Mine is Red, Maya's is yellow.


Action B
2008.04.14, 12:51 AM
A few more, in the last picture I have assumed a "POWER STANCE" in hopes of improving my driving skills...It didn't work.


2008.04.15, 10:19 AM
As long as the space is available, the track is at hobby town any time you want to use it. Just give them a call. I'd like to do more tham once every two weeks, I'm just too busy right now.

Action B
2008.04.15, 11:01 AM
Oh, I figured that! Nothing like having a track at home though. The way my schedule works, I can never tell ahead of time when I will have time. So basically, its hard to call ahead with the nature of assignments, I can only estimate how long they will take me to complete.

That track only cost around 50 anyhow. :)

I wouldn't want to reserve the hobbytown track for just myself anyhow, ya know?

2008.04.28, 10:39 PM
Pretty Sweet Track.
What did you use to make it? Looks like those interlocking foam tiles. nice.

Action B
2008.04.28, 11:45 PM
Yeah, I purchased them from sams club for 18 bucks a pack. A pack has 8 so total I got 32 tiles with 64 walls. total cost was like $58 bucks or so. Not as good as RCP but a heck of a lot cheaper.