View Full Version : Motor in Atomic motor pod F1

2008.04.14, 01:36 AM

the motor in the atomic motor pod it very close to the ground.

Can the motor-can be drilled in other positions so that the motor can be mounted in another angle? to create more ground clerance..

2008.04.14, 02:40 AM
my motor also sits low but i dont think it will hit the floor,you can drill more holes in the motor can as long as you dont use long screws that will push on the magnets

2008.04.14, 11:44 AM
I had some serious handling issues due to the motor hitting the ground. For this reason, I don't recommend anything except using the "center" axle spacers. Any lower and your motor will drag under acceleration. I haven't experimented with drilling new motor mounting holes but it's an interesting idea. We used to do this with the box stock Mabuchi motors.

2008.04.14, 12:51 PM
:oi must have an older version pod,no rear axle adjustment