View Full Version : How To merge ESC Spinner on PCB 01 or 02

2008.04.15, 05:31 AM
Haii if u got pic or diagram also is cool

if other ppl have make and used it can tell the different

is is add more power to motor?

2008.04.15, 07:07 AM
The Spinner ESC is made for use with hobby grade electronics. It is not made to be attached to Mini-Z electronics.

2008.04.15, 07:14 AM
is possible to attached at iwaver 01 or iwaver 02 PCB?

Red Team
2008.04.15, 08:23 AM
I don't think so....though some electronic experts like user ph2t might do it....but you can use a 02M Carbon chasiss and upper plate and have hobby grade electronics all around - including Spinner. As soon as I finish this set up I'll post some pictures !
For a cheap solution you can try the Team Losi Micro T separate hobby grade electronics ( soon to be released ) !

2008.04.15, 02:20 PM
Hey you guys, are MiniZ electronics not hobby grade? I believe they are.

What Im assuming you guys are talking about are electronics that have a sperate reciver from the ESC.

You should be able to find a small receiver (check pchan0's thread on his AWD conversion) in the form of spektrum, FM, or even a small AM Rx. With the Rx and ESC combo, you should be good to go with a converted set up.

ph2t has an older conversion thread floating around as well and would be a good one to PM questions to. I havent seen him as much on the forum lately, but I know hes got a thread going on the 02 forum where he converted an 02 to FM. Im pretty sure it is still an all in one board (amybe from the LIT) in that situation, but he could still help you.

EDIT: I found his thread, and low and behold, he posted today :rolleyes:

Red Team
2008.04.15, 02:58 PM
You are right..at least me, I was thinking to separate rx and esc. Due to it's size and glitchless operation, Spektrum should be the RX choice.
As for the esc, there are few options - we're looking for the really small esc's. Starting from the cheapest to more expensive ones : the decased xray micro, Spinner, Shulze electronic and Race Z ( I don't know if this is still available ).
Soon, Team Losi will come out with separate electronics for their nice Micro T, and I guess those will fit any open chasiss without problem.

If you guys know some other really small choices for those componenets, please share with us.

2008.04.15, 09:48 PM
way out of my league, but I'm just passing by to try to learn as much as I could from this post. It would be very interested to see all the upgrade done so the chassis could be driven to it's full potential.

2008.04.16, 03:12 AM
Ohh thnk dude... so i will not search anymore how to merge esc on iwaver PCB :) since got exp here huhuhu...

this forum is cool beb... soon a week later i will get my 01... yahooooo...

2008.04.16, 09:16 PM
Thats good, I'm glad you like the community.
Also I hope you will enjoy your iwaver 01.