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2008.04.15, 07:50 PM
Hey guys I am some what new to mini-zs I got an overland about a year ago but just recently got a mr-02. i have a couple questions.

1. I am looking into getting a track soon and was wondering what compounds are best for grip and speed, and for having some fun like letting the tires slide a little but still have grip.

2. For now driving on carpet and hardwood floors, what is the best compound for those surfaces. I was looking in the shop here and saw foam tires, I have used them with xmods (ew) and I have and idea of how well they work, and would they be better or depends on what I am doing?

Thanks for your help I did search the forums I came up with softer compounds are grip better which I knew already but I don't want something that gives or is to sticky. And one of my friends who is still into xmods said that radial tires are better than slicks?

2008.04.15, 08:35 PM
What i use on plywood floor is gpm A-tread 15* rear, and gpm A-Tread 30* front. they work okay on hardwood floor.

What i've discovered is that what effects the grip more is the compound, not the degree of the tire.

even though my front tires are twice as hard as my rear ones, they seem to have the same amount of grip. [maybe a little less, but not much]

note: i am running RM, and also, hardwood floors may have different surfaces than others, so your thoughts/ results may be different.

2008.04.18, 06:09 AM
ok thanks, does any one know what compound is good for hardwood floors that are only stain and dont have that shiny finish? I'm guessing its mostly dependent on how I want the car to handle, so are they any compounds or companies I need to stay away from? Thanks

2008.04.20, 04:20 PM
I just got some 8˚ and 6˚ tires along with some foam tires. they had almost no grip. i am guessing i have to break them in but how? also do radial tires make a difference in the grip, handling, tire life, or anything else over slicks? thanks

2008.04.20, 06:37 PM
i just sanded down my tires a bit and now they grip great, looking at the shop here i saw carpet tires does that mean they are made just for the carpet? and what is best? thanks

2008.04.23, 09:02 AM
I don't run my cars on hardwood floors,but i usually get the grippiest rears i can and then try a couple of different sets of fronts until they grip well together.Usually too grippy fronts will cause the car to spin out in turns.
I currently run 10* atm radial rears and 25* slick fronts which works for me on rcp tracks.It's really trial and error until you get a setup you like.