View Full Version : Home made bumper

Shadow Runner
2008.04.15, 09:27 PM
Finished this yesterday and tested it for about 15-20 minutes. It has worked flawlessly but I have not tried it out with other cars on the track. What it does is when you bump into walls the f1 will just slide off. This does not affect the steering in anyway. So what do you think?




2008.04.16, 01:51 AM
looks kinda funny... but if it works for you... :D

i would still use the original bumper as opposed to the carbon fiber one that you have there...

and add your home made bumper, for additional security...

2008.04.24, 07:45 PM
Very interesting. Do you run this on RCP?

Shadow Runner
2008.04.24, 08:17 PM
Yes I run on a mini-96 track. What I like about this is it lets me 'bounce' off the walls like an autoscale body and I can easily remove the bumper if I need to get to the front wheels for example.

2008.04.25, 01:11 AM
well, to each their own...

usually i rather suspension pieces be sacrificial than ruin the chassis. your bumper will transfer all the force of an impact directly to the chassis. although mini-z chassis' are relatively inexpensive, it is a real pita to transfer the electronics and accessories over to a new chassis.

plus the point of an F1 a sleek open wheel racer; not a bumper car.

if you need more protection the stock bumper is actually decent and there is a new clear one that wraps around to the outside of the frong wing tips.