View Full Version : Mini Z ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008.04.16, 04:21 PM
Well more like an Autoscale rocket, but I like the simple approch here.

The video clip is a little long, so dialup users beware.

4.27MB file link.

I downloaded this and uploaded to the gallery here. The original authors screen name is shagrat 69 on the Clod Talk forum. I hope it works for you now.

2008.04.17, 09:02 AM
Thanks .. but... "The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum."

2008.04.18, 02:49 AM
Let me know if that second link works or not as that is a direct link to the clip itself. The first one is to the thread.

2008.04.18, 03:07 AM
"You are not authorised to download this attachment."
From the 2nd link :(

2008.04.18, 04:27 PM
Hope it works now.

2008.04.18, 05:14 PM
Yep, it works. Talk about launching off the line :D

2008.04.18, 05:26 PM
cool and nice vid i tryed it 2 once but over did it with 4 rockets:D

2008.04.18, 07:02 PM
destroyed a nice autoscale IMHO

2008.04.18, 07:31 PM
LOL! That's what the BATMOBILE needs! LOL! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

2008.04.18, 08:23 PM
I think the tread I pulled that from was dated 2004. In the science section rockets have been talked about, as soon as I saw this clip I thought it needed to be here.

I do know that he uses a string to guide it, how long it is I have no idea. He didn't say what size motor that was that was used, guessing from the tube size it may be an Estes mini motor 1/2A or A class. Hate to think what a D motor would do.

That last launch without the string I liked as it showed the forces on it. No matter how quick the servo is, you can NOT react fast enough to control it.

2008.04.18, 09:00 PM
on a faster note. A CO2 cartrige for pellet guns will launch one farther and faster. ;) I used to build teathered balsa wood racers. They are alot like downhill derby cars, but lighter, and propelled by CO2 instead of gravity. It was alot of fun. I can still see my record setting car design in my head :rolleyes:

2008.04.20, 08:44 AM
Holy Rockets Batman!!!:eek:

Nice work :D

2008.04.20, 11:25 AM
awesome dude

2008.04.20, 05:26 PM
The original authors screen name is shagrat 69 on the Clod Talk forum. I hope it works for you now.

Again, I don't take credit for this as it was a borrowed clip. This guy has done some other RC's of different scales. He has a good collection of RC motorcycles. One was a Thunder Tiger Ducati I think.