View Full Version : gpm monster knuckles f/s f/t

2008.04.17, 01:44 AM
name:bryce thomas
location:summerfield, fl
contact:mustanglov3r16 AIM, email crazy_mustang_lover@hotmail.com
price: no price offer me, looking for mr-01 parts.

i may be new but if you go to xmodsource i have 1000+ posts.

i have some blue monster knuckles for sale,

mosnter rear end idk what else it may need,

a micro-t roller with threaded axles, DT chrome's. CF bumper, bb motor
awesome tierods, green body.

Monster mid-section.

alot of xmod junk too.....

2008.04.17, 07:08 AM
You could start with the FS section!

2008.04.17, 03:09 PM
i didn't see that, i was up till one in the morning and i was in the mr-01 section sorry.