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2008.04.17, 02:16 PM
How come there hasn't been any threads for the MR15 recently? Is it a chassis that's dieing out?

2008.04.17, 03:03 PM
i guess more people either have an 02 or awd.

2008.04.17, 05:13 PM
Well, I know I myself have three MR02's and three AWD's, and only one MR15. So maybe that's the answer. Would like to get another MR15, but not sure which one I want.

2008.04.17, 10:46 PM
I have 4 MR015's (2 are Nascars, although one will be changed back to Chrysler 300C). Our 015 class is our second largest class, a few less than MR02. More than AWD, Nascar, and F1. AWD has really started to decline, there are just too many headaches with that chassis. Mainly with the steering (thats my headache in all 3 of mine which is why I havent run AWD in more about a year).

It is one of my favorite classes to race. They are a little more difficult to find the right setup, since they tip much easier. Mine is very comparable in laps and times to my MR02. We run the box stock Kyosho motor in 015, and use Speedy 07BB, X-Speed in MR02. I have to use front tires with less bite than I do on my 02, however, there is still lots of steering in my MR015 since it leans in the corner, and has much less track width.

I use the Atomic vIII motormount in 94mm, with the 350Z body. I have tried MANY 94mm bodies, and a couple 90mm which I grinded out the rear wheel wells for clearance. I have found the 350Z to be the best for the 015.

I also have one setup as a Mini-Van, Odyssey. It handles very well for its size, and surprised everyone. Although, it is not a winning setup... it is close though.

2008.04.18, 12:05 AM
>I have found the 350Z to be the best for the 015
when you say 350Z, is that the fairlady version, the nismo one
or the calsonic type racers?


2008.04.18, 12:10 AM
That would be the Fairlady. Which is the Mr015 350Z. The Calsonic/Gzox/Hasemi racers are MR02 bodies. I have been looking for the older Hasemi white body for some time now with no luck. I really want to try it on an MR02.

The Nismo S-Tune is basically the same body, just has a few additional pieces. I may try it out sometime soon... Just to see if there is a difference in handling. I would suppose that the rear would be more planted, and the steering slightly more sluggish since there is additional weight.

I have tried running an Mr02 with the PN tower bars on a near identical setup, but didnt get the results I was looking for (only with front tires that had more bite). There was much less mid corner steering than I wanted. It was nice, but not quite there

2008.04.18, 12:34 AM
I raced at Action RC with EMU a few weeks ago and since then I have put my MR-015 plans into place. I found a Fairlady white body, grabbed a Nascar white body and found a killer deal on a Nascar Readyset.

The MR-015 is alive in the NYC area.

2008.04.18, 12:49 AM
I raced at T&T with an old MR015 setup about a year ago... RM TT ;) I was dead even with Tony while he was running his AWD. I did nothing to the 015 (still had box stock Kyosho motor), and it was actually the car I liked to drive there the most. I really like that track surface much more than RCP. I wish I could get over there more... Hopefully soon.

MR015 is much more fun to drive than the MR02. It is also a better class for beginners to enter. MR02 stock is too fast. MR015s have to slow down more in the corners, and if the class uses only the stock motor, then they have much less acceleration. Which makes it easier for throttle control. Throttle control is one of the things that is learned later. After steering... It plays a big part on seperating the A main drivers from the B main drivers.

GIHOSU, I look forward to racing with you again. If you need any info for your MR015 setup, let me know. I have mine almost perfect... I havent changed the tires on it since the start of the point series before last... which is probably why its not perfect. The main part of the setup is the Atomic vIII motormount, which allows using the stock motor in MM without having to drill the can. But there are many small factors that went into the setup that make a big difference. Gearing; 41t/9t, with Atomic TS 21.5 inch up rear wheels, differential raised in motormount to compensate the larger rear wheels. Body clips installed low, to RAISE the body for extra wheel clearance. The car has a lot of roll, very little drag brake.

2008.04.18, 10:08 AM
How come there hasn't been any threads for the MR15 recently? Is it a chassis that's dieing out?

Nah its not dead. Its just not as popular has MR-02. I think making MR-015 the true stock class (and nascar of course) and making the MR-02 the true mod./open class would revive the MR-015. My reasoning behind this madness is the stock MR-02's are usually just as fast around the track as the mod MR-02's. The MR-02 should always be faster then the MR-015, if I see an MR-015 faster then a MR-02 around the track all that mean to me is the MR-02 is not dialed in yet or the driver needs to do some work on driving.:D

2008.04.18, 10:20 AM
mr015 is alive and well....
I even have an AD 015.....:D

2008.04.18, 10:22 AM
I am still an avid MR-015 fan as love my Porsche's!

2008.04.18, 11:11 AM
Hey Eugene the surface at TT aint what it used to be so don't hurry going there they barely get any mini-z racers anymore unless you want to race against 10 year olds.

2008.04.18, 12:40 PM
Oh... Thats a shame. The surface at Action aint what it used to be... we used to have grip, lots of it :P The high speed layouts wore a lot of it away. Now you have to be more meticulous about setup... Front/rear balance is difficult to get right. I have been trying with my F1 for the last 2 weeks. Its driving me nuts.

I havent really changed anything on my 015 in about 6 months. Balance is really good. I dont practice with it, as I dont want to wear the tires or get into an accident. I only have liability insurance, and if I crash into a Ferrari, or McLaren, I could lose my house.

2008.04.18, 12:44 PM
I havent really changed anything on my 015 in about 6 months. Balance is really good. I dont practice with it, as I dont want to wear the tires or get into an accident. I only have liability insurance, and if I crash into a Ferrari, or McLaren, I could lose my house.

Eugene...you better get Geico....:D I heard they have cheap rates in NYC....
Your mini van is a good runner too.......

2008.04.18, 12:58 PM
Thats what I use for my MR02's but its a little rediculous to insure an MR015 with them at the same rate as the MR02.

I do agree that MR015 really should be the 'stock' class for racing. No upgrade motors, suspension upgrades are good for new people to really get to know what upgrades do to the way the car drives. Since there is much more body roll in the 015 than the 02, it is a little easier to see. Speeds are a little slower, but the main thing is the acceleration and corner speed is down. So as a beginner driver, you have to learn how to let off a little early, slow down, and accelerate out of the corner. Otherwise you flip.

I find a lot of people setup their 02 so they can let off entering the corner, and they will be able to take it. Not really the case with 015. You have to brake before turning in, stab the throttle a little as you turn in, so the weight is more evenly distributed and you dont roll it. My cars I try to setup so that they will not roll at all unless I hit a wall or get hit by another car. I go through many different tires to see what works. The best I have found for the front at ARCMS (local track) is the 3Racing 10d tires. These push a lot at other tracks that I have been to. I replaced them with worn 40d Atomic AW tread that were basically slicks, and had the same driving experience on the other tracks. Those handout tires from the Atomic race are good for something :P

2008.04.18, 08:12 PM
I might be strange, but I like how TT's track has aged. It is collecting rubber on the track surface the way a 1:1 track does. They have a nice groove building up but depending on the track set up the spots with the rubber build up are not necessarily where you want them.

I like how the cars react more like full size cars on the hard Hi grip track. I would hate to have to race my '86 GTI on a damn carpet. Rubber and asphalt is such a nice mix. TT's track is the closest thing we have to the real thing.

Eugene, I will certainly be asking you about Nascar set up and a set up for the Fairlady too. I liked the tire grooving that I saw, tires need to have some edges to get some bite. Many thanks for the offer...

2008.04.18, 11:50 PM
When I drove at TT, I really enjoyed the surface. It was much different than RCP, although it had a good feeling to it. As said, it feels more like driving a full size car. I used to do a little pavement racing with larger cars (mainly offroad buggies/trucks) and I would say that TT really felt similar to the grip of pavement, only much smoother.

I would like to go back sometime soon to check it out, and get some racing on :D I would definitely run my 015 over my 02. I can drive that car more aggressively than my 02s, as funny as it may sound. Even with the stock motor. That track you are much more limited by corner speed than acceleration. More power would hurt more than it helps.

The layout at MHS needs more power. Mainly due to the banking. You are on full throttle longer than on the straight at Action. Having good acceleration there is key as you enter the bank after a hairpin in most layouts.

I have had fun at every track I have raced. For me, there really is no such thing as a 'bad track'. I have had just as good, if not better races out in the street as I have had a big events. Its all how you look at it. I race for fun, and the track at TT is a lot of fun. On most RCP races, a close battle is a few feet apart. At TT you run inches apart, for most of the run. I was running my 015 against Tony in an AWD. We were within a foot from eachother for at least 5 minutes during practice. I had never raced that close to other racers for such an extended period of time. Especially since it was a completely different surface that I was running on.

I do also like and dislike the semi permanant layouts. On one hand, they are good because you really get to learn the best lines. On the other hand, you are really limited on changing the layout. I think that the best tracks, are the ones that have one big area of matting/grip surface, that you can arrange the barriers as much as you want. Whether it be piping, hose, padded rails screwed down... even dots. You can change to any layout you can think of, rather than having to conform to what kind of tiles you have... I really like a lot of the layouts done at ZZHobby in Toronto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE9eVTEqHn8 you really cannot do that with RCP, unless you only use blank tiles and do your own borders.

TT is a track where the 015 shines. It is really my favorite class to drive right now. I just like how the car feels... I have driven it in the 02 class, finishing 4th in the A main before, it just doesnt take collisions as well as an 02... although it is faster through the infield, and more consistant. It is just weak on the low end acceleration, but has good high end.

2008.04.19, 11:12 AM
Eugene has boiled it down very well. Anytime you and I could get up to TT together would be great, plus we could save some gas... :D

2008.04.20, 10:44 PM
Damn,,,you guy's got me so amped i just picked up a NASCAR MR-015 lol The addiction has returned........

2008.05.11, 03:58 PM
I picked up my new MR-015 chassis set today with the 3010 fets. I put a Fairlady Z on it and ran it bone stock, it came 94mm so there was no need to change the wheelbase. I guess I forgot how much fun they can be in pure stock form. It ran great on a slightly worn RCP track with the stock tires. the handling was surprising, other that a little front end chatter to tune out it felt great. I haven't rolled a Mini-Z in a long time, I have to admit is was kinda cool. She landed on her wheels both times and I made artful escapes each time. The turn in was better than my AD MR-02 and it had little or no push. It kept great lines and I had enough trottle control to play a little bit on the exits. Transitions were great and setting it up for the next turn was plwasantly easy. I haven't driven a gear diff in a long time and was surprised by the good feel. It's a driver's car just like my good old MR-01...

I 'm going to rebuild it tonight with bearings and a few other goodies. I'm not sure if it will get a ball diff tonight, I may keep the stocker for a little while. I'm thinking that i'll do my suspension and make my tire choices first and get a baseline setup that I want to use. Then I'll test the diff. Any suggestions Eugene?

I can't wait to get this into some stock racing with this car.

Any setup suggestions are welcome, thanks.

2008.05.11, 05:02 PM
Any setup suggestions are welcome, thanks.

You seem to have it all under control.
The best suggestion I have is run it and enjoy......
We ran the stock class on Thursday night and some of the corner marshalls were commenting on how slow they looked....then they commented on how the stock winner had more laps than they did.....:cool

Living on the edge (impending traction roll) was fun for me....:D

2008.05.11, 08:42 PM
You seem to have it all under control.
The best suggestion I have is run it and enjoy......
We ran the stock class on Thursday night and some of the corner marshalls were commenting on how slow they looked....then they commented on how the stock winner had more laps than they did.....:cool

Living on the edge (impending traction roll) was fun for me....:D

Yep the 015 were running speedy 05 (with bushings) and the other class was modified. When we ran speedy 07's on the 015 class some of us were able to get 41 laps. Its a fun class to run.

2008.05.12, 01:37 AM
My main suggestion would be to get a 94mm MM motormount. I prefer the Atomic vIII if you want to easily be able to use the stock Kyosho motor, or the v5 if you want less weight, slightly lower CG only compatable with the drilled can motors. I only like the Atomic 94mm MM mounts, since the ride height is adjustable, and there is a little more clearance to the disc damper as well as the chassis for articulation.

Tires, the new Kyosho 20d radials (N) are good in the rear. I dont use wide rear tires for 015, since there isnt much torque. I dont really need any more rear grip than what the narrow tires provide. It also makes it a little faster, since there is less mass on the wheel, allowing it to accelerate quicker.

Front tires will be very specific to the track you run at. But my best advice, is use low profile tires that are worn in a bit. Right now, I am on new front tires, and they are just a little too much grip. Sends me tumbling occasionally at the end of the straight. I got too used to taking the corner without having to back off at all. Once the tires wear in, which is taking too long... it will be a better car. I posted the fastest laps of the night in the class, but didnt have the consistancy with the rolling to keep my car at the front.

Philip, would the new PN 70t stock motor be permissable at MHS?

2008.05.12, 04:14 AM
would the new PN 70t stock motor be permissable at MHS?

Maj is waiting on his order of the new motors. They will be allowed. I have a good feeling the PN 70t will rapidly become the stockmotor of choice....

2008.05.12, 08:48 PM
i got mine today i got it from kenon

2008.05.13, 03:52 AM
i got mine today i got it from kenon
Ill be at Kenon this week and I will pick up a few....among my other stealth parts.....PN makes most of the best hop ups for mini z s......period!!!

2008.05.13, 10:38 PM
Philip, would the new PN 70t stock motor be permissable at MHS?

Hey Eugene

Yeah the new PN 70t stock motor is allowed. Last few races we used the speedy 05 because no one had the new PN 70t motor. Once it becomes more available we plan on using it for the 015 class.

I also wanted to add if racers want to still use there kyosho box stock motor that is fine.

2008.05.26, 07:18 AM
Hey Guys, I was able to squeeze in some track time yesterday. I went to Cruizin R/Cs in NJ with my cars and ran a set of cells in each car. I have to admit it was great to relax and run my cars with just a little bit of friendly competitive company.

The MR-015 felt great, it started out as a RM chassis with a Fairlady Z in total stock form for the first run and then I set it up as a RM Porsche 934 with a disc damper and a trusty old PN Speedy 05 BB bolted in. I had an old set of tires on it that I run in my house, surprisingly they ran well on RCP after some cleaning. The Orion 900's ran fast and allowed my "slow" car to really shred the 180's. True to a real life rear engine Porsche the car was great on turn in and a handful on full power exits from the turns. I think I agree with EMU that it only needs narrow tires in the back, the wides were too much. I was hardly able to over power the rear tires, they only lost grip with sharp steering inputs near full throttle. There was a little rear wheel hop that can be taken care of with an oil shock on top. I want to race this thing but work is keeping me busy on Thursdays and Saturdays. I'm hoping to get into a stock class asap.

This thing is great! I was having alot of fun. I love how much driving is needed to guide one around the track with any kind of grace.

Certainly not dead...