View Full Version : some good news

2008.04.17, 03:20 PM
hey guys, i wont be coming anymore... nah only kidding you aint losin me that easy:D just remembered i was supposed to post wether that bonk noise in the car stopped... and yup its stopped, no- more thinkin theres a dude in the back trying to get out lmao! thanks everyone who helped sort it out too btw, much appreciated:)

2008.04.17, 03:23 PM
LOL it was the aerial bobble? How embarresed is your mum now? lmao

2008.04.17, 03:26 PM
lol its actually my fault we have an ariel bobble! whilst looking round halfords for paint she found them:eek:

2008.04.17, 03:44 PM
Ace, i love, and to think she changed a car for it...LMAO