View Full Version : April 13th's Pictures Uploaded!

2008.04.18, 04:22 PM
All up and ready to view!



Feedback welcome!

2008.04.19, 08:20 AM
They've come out really well Tom mate, Not sure about the one of me on the floor though...lol
The Championship and standings is cool too, i did have one idea about the function of the links, you know how with this site you can click on the 'path' above, where it is telling you where you are (this bit - Mini-ZRacer.com Forums > General Discussion > Tracks and GTGs > Stafford Mini Z Racers England > April 13th's Pictures Uploaded!
Reply to Thread ) It would be good if you could make it like that, then if you want to back track to a part of the 'path' you dont have to start over or click 'back' five times!
I've just been looking up 'Tracking' photography methods and found a good one that is easy to do, i'll tell you about it at some point, basically its using a good sturdy tripod (which i have) a laser pen (i also have) and a counter weight on a rod (which i'm sure i could create). Looks like it could get some really good pics and all you have to do is after you upload the pics, use Photo Shop to take out the red dot, aparently using the 'red eye reduction' filter does it in one shot!

2008.04.19, 09:12 AM
That's an ace idea Mal. You gonna give it a shot next meet?

As for the navigation, it's called bread crumbs and I'm considering it because I know it's a ballache! I've had problems myself! I'll do it when I finish uni in a few weeks because it's a big job to do it across the site. :)