View Full Version : Junior class racer?

2008.04.19, 02:06 PM
So if and when our junior class comes to fruition, I went on a purchased my car. I got an XMods Transformer Barricade Mustang cop car from Radio Shack for $19.99 :eek: BumbleBee was $29.99 :rolleyes:

2008.04.20, 08:17 PM
we werent going to do x-mods because of their unreliability when it comes to radio signal.

2008.04.22, 10:33 PM
Well too bad, it's what I got. :p

2008.04.23, 08:01 PM
weve already agreed that its what we use... mini-z's or atleast copy cat mini-z's

2008.04.23, 08:06 PM
Ok. When everyone else gets one, so will I. :D

2008.04.23, 09:04 PM
I already have a second Mini-Z 02. thinking about buying the RPMz at Wally world that are on clearance for this project when we get to that point, if it is still there. I gotta pay other things first though.