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2008.04.20, 10:37 AM
what mods will be needed to get the Atomic Mini-Z F1 Damper Plate System to work with the PN Racing Mini-Z F1 Pro LCG Motor Mount. :confused:
Does anyone have a setup of this combo that they can post an image?



2008.04.20, 03:19 PM
There is already a thread on this in the F1 section. I did this set up with very good results, all I had to do was lift the Atomic disk damper up off the chassis about 1/8th inch and cut a bigger hole in the body. The shock mount on the PN motor mount is too tall and threre is not enough material there to cut it shorter. I coulnt get the Atomic shock to work with it so I used the red Kyosho shock instead and removed the rear side springs. The thread has some pics with the setup installed.

2008.04.20, 03:20 PM
Heres the link.


2008.04.21, 11:26 AM
Heres the link.


Thanks VAzRACER !! ;)

Just another newbie question? Whats the diffrence between www.minizracer.com and www.mini-zracer.com ?

It looks like two doors to the same place !! :rolleyes: :eek:

2008.04.21, 05:45 PM
It is the same place but one has a dash in it;)

2008.04.22, 05:56 AM
I know how to make the PN work without a monster hole in the body. I just havent had time to get the material or machine it yet due to work and family constraints. You need to cut the post flush on top and front. Make a block 12mm wide with M2 treaded thru holes in the front face on 8mm spacing. a m2 threaed hole in top centered. Drill the cross bar on the mount for adapter with 2 2.5mm holes. Mount the bolck with m2 machine screws from motor side. The block may need slightly notched to fit right. The block can be made from 5/32 aluminum if un notched or maybe 3.16 if notched. I do not have my mount in hand so I a not positive which would be best. Once finished I would taper the front bottoms sides to remove excess material.. The part would look like a upside down T if I had a cnc machince.