View Full Version : Speed Racer cars?

2008.04.20, 03:27 PM
Tim, with the upcoming feature movie of Speed Racer, do you know if there are any plans to have ASC bodys of some of the cars from the film ????

I'd love to have mach 5 that can be used to race. The old mach 5 from skynet, was made for the 01/015 chasis and ..... it's not really that stable as a race car should be.

The new mach 5 in the film looks much more racy.

So again, do you know if ASC will have some cars from the film?

2008.05.06, 06:32 PM
There are thousands of new toy's coming out based on Speed Racer the movie. Some maybe right size for Mini-Z. Go to your local Toys R US and have a look. You will need to make your own mounts to fit it though if you can find one with same wheel base.

2008.05.07, 05:52 PM
Slightly OT, but FYI we have the Aoshima/SKYNET available - thanks! :)

2008.05.08, 04:42 PM
I was at Wallmart today and picked up 1/43ish sized Speed Racer toy's for Dnano project. I also think I saw some that might fit the Mini-Z and I'll have a look at those later. I know we've already got the Mach 5 which can be found on ebay, but I'd like to do the Racer X body.

2008.05.08, 06:39 PM
I have the mo15 Kyosho mach 5 but its a shelf queen the body is too fragile to race

2008.05.12, 02:31 PM
Marc... just look at my location --- I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Toys R Us are a little far from where I live!!!! I check the web every day though and know about all the new toys.

I have the Skynet version, and it's really a pity that it only fits the MR01/MR015 chasis. It's too narrow.

I got a couple of 1/24 model kits and those bodies are even smaller than the Skynet body!!!! It seems that scale for this fantasy car are not very clear yet. Perhaps now that a Real size car exists, scaled models are a little bit more faithful.

The skynet so far is the nicest one of all so far. And it's not as fragile as you think!! It can stand some good beating. The problem comes from being such a narrow body. I thought of cutting it in half and adding a couple of mm to it of styrene in the middle to make it fit a MR02 chasis. I guess that would work ok.

Anyway, that cars in the movie are really nice (Racer X car is also a car I want!!) and perhaps being built specifically for Mini-Z, they should be easy to use, and beautifully finished. Not as it happens with modified toys.

I hope Tim reads this thread and can say something about this.