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2008.04.20, 05:13 PM
Hello. Since I have recently found out just how weak my Porsche 962 body is, I decided to change it over to the Diablo, a much stronger body. I'd like to share these changes with you. First step was to change the chassis.
Note how the length of the 962 is just slightly longer than Diablo.
So, LM chassis need's changing to suit Diablo.
Standard MR02 MM motor mount, Iwaver differential junk so will be useing stock diff for now.

Now, for the Diablo. I've alway's loved white cars, so, since I have two red Diablo's, I decided to change one to white. First step is to remove all body parts. The Diablo has three removable body panel's such as rear bumper, rear wing, and a rear window peice.
Since this will be my new 2.4 GHZ body, I decided to fill in the ugly antenna hole for a more scale appearance.
When the bondo dries, some sanding and smoothing out will be required.
I noticed the chassis sit's a bit high with the 962's tires. I love the way these tires grip to the track, much better than most stock tires. However, I think they are a bit thicker as they tend to raise the car a bit when useing stock wheel's.
For this project, I've ordered the following item's from Kennon.
1 x (MR2152B) PN Racing MR015/MR02 Alm Camber Steering Knuckle 0.5 Deg (Blue)
1 x (MR2088B) PN Racing MR02MM LCG V2 Motor Mount (Blue)
1 x (MR2302S) PN Racing MR02 Alum Toe In Tie Rod +0.5 (Silver)
1 x (200408B) PN Racing Alm. 2mm Wheel Lock Nut - Blue
Is there anything else I should get for this project?

2008.04.20, 08:58 PM
I hope I picked the right motor mount for my Diablo. Anybody know if this particular MM will fit? I know the Diablo is the shortest wheel base on the MR02. What shock's can I use on it? Do I need damper disks or what? Please help me!

2008.04.22, 02:09 PM
Sanded down the access bondo. Also sanded other area's for paint to stick.
Will be using white primer, and thinking of using pearl white.

2008.04.22, 03:48 PM
Primed in white. Hope it turn's out well. You can still see where the hole was. More work could be done but as this is a racing body, it dont' matter how perfect it is.
I have the tendency to spray my first coat's thick.

2008.04.23, 05:55 PM
I need help! Here is my 2.4 so far.
PN front knuckles and tie-rod.
MM motor mount.
Bottome view.
But where the heck does and how does this peice go in?
At first, I thought it went in the middle where the motor mount's to the H-bar, but the screw's dont' thread in there. In fact, there are no threads in that peice other than the middle. I assume the rear shock mount's to this peice some how. Can anybody help me? Am I missing something here?

2008.04.23, 06:41 PM
in the middle two holes in the t-plate??? just guessing.

never mind just read your post saying the two holes don't have threads.

2008.04.24, 12:38 AM
Screw them in from the top, threading into the motormount. Option B would be to use longer screws, with small nuts on top of the damper mount. Also that is designed for use with a disc damper, so a standard bushing should be used to shim for use with only a top shock. If you are using a disc damper, then you should be fine.

This setup would use a 94mm damper plate setting. So an Atomic 94mm DDS or a PN ML damper in the short position would work perfect.

I had no problems with the Iwaver ball diff. Granted, you have to sand the diff rings and change the balls and bearing... I do that with the Kyosho and Atomic ones anyway, so it is a much cheaper alternative, and you really cant tell with the end result. I have lost track of which one of my cars has my Iwaver diff.

I would shorten the motor wires a little, so that they do not rub on the rear left wheel. You could also switch the motor around, so that it is easier to clean out and apply comm drops.

The project looks good ;)

2008.04.24, 07:55 AM
Ok guy's, I figured it out, duh. You screw the peice on from the top down, rather than bottom up.
I found a ball joint peice left over from my Trex helicopter to snap the rear shock onto and it work's quite well. For the spacer, I'm useing a spare PN AWD knuckle shim, also work's very well for this purpose. This clears the Diablo's rear and work's very well. I won't know it's true potential till I get to the track's this Saturday, but at home it seem's okay.

2008.04.24, 07:56 AM
Here's the body so far.
Look, no more hole!
Top coat done, probably won't have this finished for Saturday's race, especially if I want it to look as good as humanly possible.
Let me know what yea'll think.

2008.04.24, 09:53 AM
Attempted final coat this morning. Paint was bad and cracked all over ruinning the finish. Mad as heck! :(:(:(:(:( I can't find the white Diablo body ANYWHERE! What do I do?

2008.04.24, 12:25 PM
Anybody want to recommend a blue paint for my Diablo project? I'm considering doing a blue one instead of white. The blue will look better with the blue alloy. I dont' want somethign bright, and I dont' want somethign too dark.