View Full Version : my basement track

2008.04.20, 07:27 PM
Made this track using
- wooden pallets as a base, FREE from my friends copier service company
- 5 sheets of 4x8 plywood $10.00 a sheet
- 1/2" gray electrical PVC conduit $1.37 for a 10' pc, bought 10
- pipe insulation around it for rails .97 cents for a 6' pc, bought 16
- and painted it with white primer i had lying around
$79.22 for a 20' x 8' track.
With fully charged batteries traction is hard 2 come by but I found a site that sells sheets of EVA foam tiles I'm going to splurge for. if anyone has any other surface ideas pass them on. Don't mind the mess,,spring cleaning to make the track longer :)

2008.04.20, 07:37 PM
I've read that a lot of the european plywood tracks are made with fine sand mixed into the paint.