View Full Version : 962 nose protection

2008.04.20, 07:38 PM
After breaking off the right front valence and headlight a few hours out of the box i crazy glued it back on and put a piece of duct tape as a bumper of sorts. Has actually held up pretty good,,no cracks since and the piece i glued back hasn't budged even after some nice whacks. They don't call it 200MPH tape for nothin'!!!!!!!! :D

2008.04.20, 08:46 PM
Wouldn't look good on the white one, but can hardly tell on the black one! That weakness is why I'm changing to my Diablo body. I dont' want to damage the beautiful body further. Already cracked the bumper, and broke the right lense and headlight bracket. Fixed it all up, but not gonna race it again. Only problem is I don't have a dumby chassis that will fit it yet. Will have to build one from spare MR02 parts.