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2008.04.20, 08:39 PM
Before I left this past Saturday I checked with Sean about racing on the 3rd. There are no calendar conflicts on his end so we should be good to go on that. I am sorry I had to leave early this week due to schooling issues I hope to see you all there next session.

On a side note, if you need parts ordered Sean noted that the Hobby Town in Newport News still has an account with Kyosho opened. Apparently they became fed up with some poor customer service between Kyosho America and their branch of Hobby Town. Parts can be ordered and brought over. However, prices may be better online though negligible when factoring in shipping. Harder to find items may also require independent searches.

Action B
2008.04.20, 08:52 PM
To carry the parts they need not associate with kyosho. Atomic and PN makes a ton they could offer.

2008.04.20, 08:55 PM
while I am not opposed to aftermarket parts and other companies, I would also like to have a more ready access to stock parts. I will make a mention of it to Sean when I see him next about the other available companies. I am not sure if they are prevented from dealing with certain vendors given their status as a franchise. I will make sure to ask though

2008.04.21, 10:00 AM
i sent you a pm with alternative choice if needed.

2008.04.21, 11:23 AM
thanks to those who had to endure the crude oval , but if its bigger and wider, it can be more fun. we need more room for layouts
does anyone have a big tent, my job/shop, over near lynnhaven mall has a large parking lot, saturdays its empty. tents and a love for the outdoors, and there is no schedule for closing and opening, i just have to mention itto my boss, there is a half bath too so its good. there is also inside space, but that may be pushing it. hobbytown has enuf room for 11 tile by 11 tile layouts at most, which keeps sppeds way down, i know you guys dont want to break your stuff, so ill say it again, if you need a car to play with while we pratice let me know
im going to get a mini-z soon, worthy of competition, then the wide turns kit and the expansion pack. there may come a day where we can set up a big big track in pkg lot, and have some good racing with some elbow room , on the track and walking around... i suppose the absence of a subway next door is a hinder, but a mall is with in 10 minutes , so it shouldnt be so bad, if needed we can organize coolers for drinks and sandwhiches. its a club choice the track would have to be moved, but its likely my girls vue can carry the stuff well enough. but we would have to keep it somewhere, i need a trailer for sure.

Action B
2008.04.23, 07:14 PM
Yeah, if I race an oval its not going to be with my race ready 200+ dollar Mini-z. The speeds make an accident very damaging to my car.

2008.04.23, 07:37 PM
now ask yourself why i would choose the xmoods over the mini-z . Speed kills and breaks more stuff the faster we go. As time goes by i will have more and more cars ready to go, things will work themselves out. I finally found the mini camera, and its going into my lancer. we will see how its gonna work soon enuf. Im excited!

2008.04.23, 08:12 PM
It all comes down to personal preferance. As long as you're having fun, you're driving the right car.

2008.04.23, 08:59 PM
i think i didnt make my point clearly, the mini-zs are really cool, but the speeds break them so eaisly, my point being that the xmods, altho slow, dont break as often when keeping stock specs, in mind. i understand frustrations about parts breaking because of high speed, that tho is the risk of racing, making the slower stronger cars a better option for alot of racing, with inexperienced drivers

2008.04.23, 09:09 PM
kyosho makes an entry level motor for mini-z's. it's call the eco motor. i would suggest that for any new driver as it's a big leap from xmods handling to mini-z handling.

Action B
2008.04.23, 09:24 PM
Yeah, my car got plowed. Its actually okay, I was able to bend the plastic rear knuckle back into place. However, I think the same would happen to an Xmod potentially at that speed. Then comes the problem, if that happened to an Xmod in the future, how would you repair it? Likely parts are going to become scarce as they are not distributed in america anymore.

Matter of fact, the knuckles are notorious for breaking on the xmod evos. They even sent an extra set of knuckles with mine becuase they break so frequently.

2008.04.24, 07:15 AM
I replaced my plastic knuckles with alloy as soon as they were available. I was pretty pissed at Radio Shack for the problems with those knuckles.

2008.04.27, 08:14 AM
I'll be going to Busch Gardens for my sister in-law's birthday on the 3rd, so I won't make it to racing. I'll get the core to Mike.

2008.05.03, 08:17 AM
the camera is installed and will be tested today at hobby town. im excited, and leaving to be there .

2008.05.04, 08:07 AM
How did it go?

2008.05.04, 03:23 PM
Things went well for us. I brought a cooler full of sodas and learned that I need to be the guy with the cooler on wheels. Aside from that I am going to have some extensive work to do getting the Helios set. It worked ok for my MR-02, not so much for the AWD. Nate Im gonna have to get your input, I tried the manual, but Im coming up nix. Sean asked us to leave the track down so it looks like something other than wasted unused space, so we set up one of the HFAY deals and I left him my AWD to show the guys that are coming in from corporate. He said if we get one of the banners for HFAY that we can put it up. We had some new people come in and try stuff out and they said they would try to make it back the next we were in. Not a heavy turn out and Justin didnt show up. All things considered though, good times.

2008.05.05, 02:10 PM
When is your semester over, Mike? With the track set up we can use the space a lot more often.

2008.05.06, 07:53 PM
Technically it should have been over before now, but I got an extention for a paper with an obscure topic. I HAVE to be finished no later than Thurs. I would like to have it done by tomorrow. Given that I now rise at around 6am this should be totally possible. I am however taking summer session. but that should be a bit lighter as I am only taking one class.