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2008.04.21, 03:06 PM
Hello. I'm not starting this thread to become an "I want this body, I want that body and what not." I just want to request ONE body only for the AWD. The Porsche 959. I was watching a series on Speed Channel today and didn't realize that the beautiful Porsche was AWD! It would be one sweet body to have in the AWD series. Please consider it! I bet I'm not the only one who want's a 959! I can imagine it being available in silver, red, black, and white.
Anybody else want to see the Porsche 959, please add comment here, this is for the 959 ONLY! I've attached photo of Porsche so you'll know which one I mean.

2008.04.21, 03:41 PM
I'd love to get hold of one of these for my AWD too! Especially a white body version :D

2008.04.21, 04:03 PM
Thank you kryten, that's two votes. More votes please! This would also be cool addition to the Dnano line-up as well.

2008.04.21, 04:48 PM
So do it your self..... :D as Soulstice did.

2008.04.21, 05:26 PM
Personally speaking,i'm not good with model kits :p

2008.04.21, 06:12 PM
Yea, look's a little to big for the Z. Look at the size of the wheel's. I still think it would make a sweet Mini-Z body.

2008.04.22, 12:17 PM
The problem is, thats a short body. If I remember correct, its in line with the 934/5, so it would have to be 86mm to be close to 28th scale. Thats too short for an AWD :(

2008.04.22, 12:20 PM
It can't be shorter than the Mini Cooper! Mini Cooper fit's the AWD just fine! Uses the shortest wheelbase setting possible.

2008.04.22, 03:52 PM
AWD is 90 shortest. Old school Porsche bodies prior to 996/GT3 are 86. New Porsche bodies are 90.


2008.04.22, 06:39 PM
It can't be shorter than the Mini Cooper! Mini Cooper fit's the AWD just fine! Uses the shortest wheelbase setting possible.

2006 Mini Cooper 97.1 inches (2,466mm)
Porsche 959 89.4 inches (2,272mm)
Porsche 934 89.4 inches (2,271mm)

The 959 would be too short to fit the AWD chassis in scale, it would use the 86mm setting. Like the 934. The Porsche 934 is already at 1/26th scale at the 86mm chassis setting. If they were to make the 959 for the AWD at the 90mm wheelbase, that wold be 1/25th scale.

Now the Lamborghini Gallardo (2,540mm), if made for the 90mm, would be 1/28.22 or for 94mm would be 1/27.02. I would definitely like to see it on the 04mm setting.

2008.04.22, 08:14 PM
So what are you saying, that for the AWD, a 1/28 scale 959 is NOT possible? That suck's.

2008.06.03, 04:10 PM
since the porsche isnt possible, I would like to see a gallardo body. I'm also looking forward so seeing some jap cars as well, lancer evo x, new skyline gt-r, and so on.

2008.06.03, 06:20 PM
I made a 911 1978 Turbo from a Arii 1/24 Kit. Fits perfectly with 94mm.
Offset is maximum front & rear (standard alloy rims from 3racing I guess)

To get the correct wheel size, one have to find slotcar rims with 15mm diameter and 0 or better minus offset. Use a alloy tube to get the width wich was something about 15-17mm for the rear wheels!

Mini-Z rims & wheels will never really look O.K. on those cars.
Rims are too big, wheels are to thin and the width is a joke ;)

2008.06.03, 11:29 PM
The width of the tires is actually on par, 8.5mm in 1/28 translates to a 235-section tire in 1/1, and 11mm translates to a 305-section tire. It's just that the diameter of the wheels is, in scale terms, ridiculous. 20mm in 1/28 = 22", that's dub status even on the standard wheels. :D

Word to Kyosho: a 959 on the MR02 86mm chassis would be a godsend. ;)

2008.06.04, 01:19 AM
I have looked at track width and wheelbase ratios, basicly you divide the track width into the wheelbase. For an MR01 or MR015 I used 65mm for the track width, and 94 in this case for the wheelbase. 65 into 94 would be, .6808 or rounded to .68. A Maclaren MR02 with 70mm track and 98mm wheelbase came to .7142, I rounded it up to .72 to compare the ratio with. You can compare that to car specs in car mags like Car And Driver. With that in mind I found that even the MR01 and 015 to be wider than a normal car would be. Many model kits follow the real car proportions more than most RC car chassis do. Most RC car chassis are designed a tad wider for better stability anyway. Once you get past that can you look at the wheel openings and size issues.

2008.07.17, 10:41 AM
I have always loved the 959 ever since I first read about it back in 1987.

I have a 1/43 black minichamp version and a 1/18 Exoto version (very detailed).