View Full Version : 1st Fet job

2008.04.22, 11:37 AM
I have just done my first fet job with my new 2.4 ASF board. I replaced the stock 3010 with 8858CZ. Now the problem, on one of the under board fet, I accidentally break the connection surface (I think its pin 3) and lost the connection where you supposed to solder the pin to during removal of the stock fet. I managed to jump the connection by scratching the board a bit and extend it using soldering lead. My concern is how do I know that the fet(pin 3) does really touch the connector to the board. Is there a better way to fix this. And what is the effect if one of the pin does not touch the connector on the board.:(

Shadow Runner
2008.04.22, 02:20 PM
I had this happen but could not get a connection, so I tried anyway with no luck:( It was a radline truck luckily and not my more prized cars.