View Full Version : My New MONSTER Truck

2008.04.23, 02:41 AM
It's been two weeks in the making and it's finally done, my latest video...


Hope you enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated! :D


2008.04.23, 06:49 AM

Excellent! I love how the video begins with a freeze shot, and the action scenes one after another and interchanging. Really great work and had enjoyed it.

Btw, what is hanging behind the truck at 0:10? And did you use the rolling tripod for this video?

I also love how the video ends, and the only wish is to finish with the barking puppy back on the couch with the monster, it will hilarious if the puppy can lick the truck and give it some puppy love too.:D

2008.04.24, 03:41 AM
Thanks for such great feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

At 0:10 it was a piece of dry grass lodged in the diff. I never saw it until after the shot lol.