View Full Version : Reflex Set-Up Corner

2008.04.24, 12:50 AM
We now have a page dedicated to all of our race winning set-ups. The First 2 are up, we will be adding them as we come up with new ones!

2008.04.24, 08:58 AM
major kudo's to you and r.r. for being so open with your information. :)

2008.04.24, 09:38 AM
Thanks, we like to pride ourselves with simple set-ups using readily available parts in the market and then show people that there is nothing special with the parts we use, just how we build our cars. :)

2008.04.24, 09:42 AM
it also says a lot about your character as a person and that of r.r. as a source of information and point of sale :)