View Full Version : No Race tonight 4/24/08 :(

2008.04.24, 12:38 PM
I just got a call from Jim. He said that Vicki was under the weather and they were cancelling the race tonight. He said they were calling those few who live farther away from the shop. I appreciated the call. I was actually just finishing bumping my batteries. I hope Vicki gets to feeling better. I will see y'all there next week. It has been too long and I probably have forgotten how to drive :p

2008.04.25, 10:32 PM
just read your posting breeze. i hate to tell you this, but better now than later. vickie's daughter is coming in from california next week and there will be no racing next thursday night. i know it is a bummer to miss out on two weeks in a row, but we will all be well rested and stress free, right? if i hear anything differently i will post it. f.y.i. todd

2008.04.26, 03:38 PM
That will put me at about 6 weeks without a radio in my hands, Oh well. I guess I will have to practice a little on my rec room track, then. I will need to cycle my batteries anyway so I might as well run them instead of bulbing them.
Zya Later,