View Full Version : wot u think about mclaren F1

2008.04.26, 11:16 AM
because their one on ebay cheaper then the ferrari 360?

2008.04.26, 12:01 PM
The mclaren is 98mm mid mount.As far as i've seen the body can be a little weak on the corner areas,and can break quite easily.Their isnt much difference between the cars on ebay,just different sellers wanting more/less for an RTR set.The i series cars have no brake function.Personally i've never needed a brake in a race.tho my cars do have the brake fuction,i just find it annoying when i'm trying to reverse after a crash/spin.

2008.04.26, 12:54 PM
ive tested the brakes and found that brakes dont really do anything to help, better to coast in. the maclaren is a weak shell. tornado has one, it broke quite easy apparently. you could buy a iwaver maclaren shell though, theyre stronger.

2008.04.26, 01:19 PM
are the i series cars the RTR sets in orange/red boxes?

2008.04.26, 01:27 PM
yup they are. the car also comes in pieces, chassis, wheels, body.