View Full Version : Help with steering fets

2008.04.27, 09:27 AM
My Overland just stopped working. I had nothing, no power, no steering. Well after taking it apart I can see why things arent working. All of the wires were hanging on by just a strand or two to the board, and then broke. When I opened it up I got confused on which pins need to be soldered together on the steering fets. If you look at this pic you can see the mess I have to fix. The previous owner soldered a big glob onto the outputs. It seems to me that only 3 of the pins should be soldered together, but on one of the fets all 4 or connected. So what pins should be soldered together?


This is a pic of a racer board I found while searching for an answer here, it appears that the outputs are soldered differently than mine.


Which is correct? They appear to be the same board so should the soldering be the same?

Any help is much appreciated.

2008.04.27, 02:01 PM
they are the same board. the second photo is how they come from the factory.