View Full Version : I got SO lucky!!

2008.04.27, 11:52 AM
I so nearly just ruined my AWD trying to solve a servo error! I connected to wrong wires by accident and my car smoked so bad once I put the batteries in! Fortunately I got them out quick enough and it works!! What a surprise! I thought it was screwed because a drive FET was blistered and my top cover was reduced to this:


See that melted part?? That happened in a split second!!

I'm so lucky to still have a working car. :D Just a word to any of you guys with AWD's...

Above the servo, black to black and red to grey! I failed to remember this when putting it back together. :rolleyes:

2008.04.27, 11:59 AM
almost lol,i got a new cover spare if you want one

2008.04.27, 12:05 PM
ouch, i thought my near miss last meet was bad! whats the servo problem, im an awd noob:o

2008.04.27, 12:08 PM
:eek::eek: i'm doing a chassis change on my other AWD this week:eek: i'm taking loadsa pics!

2008.04.27, 01:19 PM
read this thread liam :)

2008.04.27, 01:42 PM
That's the exact problem I had Matt. I tried your solution. It worked quite well. :)

Cheers for the cover offer but I'm good thanks. I'll hang on for a 2.4 upgrade. :D

2008.04.27, 01:48 PM
i think once the part of the chassis the main servo pin sits in gets worn a little the whole assembly moves around slightly:(
2.4 is next for me too:D

2008.04.27, 01:51 PM
ah right, thanka for lettin me know:)