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2002.05.21, 02:50 PM
I have only had my mini-Z for a week or two and the tires are all ready worn out i never ran it on texured concrete , mainly carpet is this common and what are the best ires to buy in replacement

2002.05.21, 02:56 PM
by worn out, do you mean they're so thin that they're about to really wear out, or worn out as in they have no grip anymore?

Can you get a picture of them?

I've never heard of stock tires wearing out in 2 weeks, not even running on concrete or asphalt. I ran my car every day for almost 6 months and still didn't wear through the stock tires, running mostly on concrete and outdoor tennis courts.

If they're not getting any grip, this doesn't mean they're worn out, clean them off with some denatured alcohol or something like that.

Picture would help alot though ;)

2002.05.21, 10:53 PM
rcfreak69, what kind of surface do you mostly run on, so we can make a recommendation. You say carpet, but do you mean Ozite, or carpet in a house/office? Are you racing, or just bashing? See also:


2002.05.23, 05:41 PM
by worn out i mean grip no more not on carpet not on linolium, and the carpet is house carpet (yes i check the diff often for fibers) its mainly bashing i live in WV and im the only one around /w one

PS: i can get pictures but ill wait for that till later

2002.05.23, 06:39 PM
i used one of my acne clensing pads, on the tires, and now it runs like new

PS: im still looking for upgrades what are some of your favorites,