View Full Version : Sunday 11th May Race Meeting

2008.04.28, 01:33 PM
Date & venue booked

Perkins Sports & Social Club,
Tixall Rd,
ST16 3UB

from 1300hrs until 2200hrs.

Racing Mini z, Xmod and Iwavers.(02's & F1's)

Large track in the afternoon.
HFAY OLPS Season 5 Races 9 & 10 in the evening.

Cost for the day will be 8/ racer. (newcomers free).

No kitchen facilities,,,, George Foreman will be there.

2008.04.28, 01:55 PM

2008.04.28, 02:23 PM
Thanks Brian...looking forward to it :D

2008.04.28, 03:38 PM
can't wait! our final HFAY of season 5!

2008.04.28, 03:56 PM
ah yeah! forgot about that! i need to get my act together last time was shameful for me:(

2008.04.28, 04:48 PM
Yeah, then we get a month off! Can't wait to do that. Bri has got something special lined up I think... ;)

2008.04.29, 07:26 AM
Oh, and also...

This month we'll "unveil" the championship trophy to everyone! :eek: :D

Talking of the championship.

After the first races, the points difference put me and Rich out so far in front it was just stupid, so I've changed the points different a little. Rather than first getting +5 on second and second getting +3 on third I've changed it to F1 style so it doesn't make the points difference ridiculous. That means that 1st gets 2+ more than second and second 2+ more than third and third 2+ more than fourth. Everyone else's gets one point over the next person, etc, etc. :)


2008.04.30, 11:10 AM
sounds fair:)
we need proper drift races now, we still gona make some drift videos like the mini-z bar ones?

2008.04.30, 12:41 PM
Mini-Z bar's level of quality is high. Great camera work and fantastic driving... It'd be a challenge lol.

2008.04.30, 05:23 PM
All sounds good to me!!!
I'm currently working on another trailer project!! one that will be able to run some races (for filming purposes only though) and should be able to get some wicked drift action!
Watch this space, oh i will give you a clue, it involves my old Technic set!
Offroad video action...lol

2008.05.02, 09:53 AM
sounds cool mal:) somethings popped up i really could do with going to- unfortunately on the 11th! it finishes at 4/4:30 so i should be there for hfay, and get a chance to drift my car a little :(

2008.05.04, 03:15 PM
If Lee isnt coming until later can someone bring 30 rolls? We need our burgers after track setup!

2008.05.04, 03:16 PM
Okie koke. ;)

2008.05.05, 04:44 AM
i'll bring some cakes or something to make up for the fact i cant bring rolls

2008.05.06, 01:34 PM
I'll bring rolls Tom mate, it was my job originally but Liam took over...lol

2008.05.06, 01:49 PM
Lol alright. We'll bring something sweet too then. :D

2008.05.07, 03:50 PM
ok,apart from the food,Bri's new F1 and the light kit for Lee am i supposed to be bringing anything specific for anyone this meet? Also did i ask anyone to bring me anything?:confused: I honestly can't remember!:D

2008.05.07, 11:26 PM
Don't forget to wear shoes! :cool:

2008.05.08, 08:08 AM
were'nt you suppoed to be bringing me a new 2.4gHz car?:rolleyes:


2008.05.08, 08:29 AM
LOL i wish mate! i'm not even bringing my own :( it's currently on it's way back to HK.Next meet,now that will be a different story!;)

2008.05.08, 02:12 PM
am i supposed to be bringing anything specific for anyone this meet? I honestly can't remember!:D

A new racer for us all to compete against......if thats still the case, whats the tag gonna be so I can make sound files for core.

2008.05.08, 06:37 PM
Don't forget 3M extension leads :eek:

2008.05.10, 08:58 AM
Is anyone bringing a 2.4ghz car? Tony? if so can i borrow your TX for 10 mins this meet? My new 2.4 pcb for the 02 came today and i'd like to test it,but don't have a TX yet,until the readyset comes.:D

2008.05.10, 10:17 AM
would a dnano tx be ok?

2008.05.10, 10:48 AM
Yh mate it will,tho i wouldn't bring one....remember what bri said! lol

2008.05.10, 10:57 AM
i aint got one anyway just dreamin of one now though:rolleyes:

2008.05.10, 04:48 PM
A new racer for us all to compete against......if thats still the case, whats the tag gonna be so I can make sound files for core.

I haven't been able to get hold of him to ask,so guest racer i guess for now.I'm not even sure he's still coming.(probly won't know now until leaving time tomorrow morning).Sorry it took so long to reply.

2008.05.10, 05:48 PM
would a dnano tx be ok?
Aren't they the same?

2008.05.11, 03:45 AM
yh i am coming :D ok but might have to go before the end ok

2008.05.11, 05:09 AM
Excellent stuff!

Looks like we're in for a full house today... And look at that beautiful weather!

2008.05.12, 10:18 AM
i only came toward the end, but its the first meet i havent had a screwdriver out in a good few months! great meet as usual, food was great jayce, championship ran smooth too, i gotta get the glitching fixxed on my car:rolleyes:

2008.05.12, 12:34 PM
Thanks lads for a great day. The McKryten burgers were superb...as usual :D. It was good to see that New Racer and his dad were able to make it and I enjoyed meeting Arthur and Digger too. Shame that my open car had trouble getting past the start line and when it did manage to it had trouble staying off its' roof...but I'll get that sorted for the next meet...maybe :confused:
Good luck Liam for the HFAY...fingers crossed :D