View Full Version : tire choices

2008.04.28, 06:24 PM
Well, I learned a very valuable lesson in tire choices this weekend. My 2.4 MR02 Diablo was handling weired at first. It was making very wide turns, yet the steering rate was functioning properly. Meaning, it turned full left, and full right when you picked up the car and tested it. At first, I thought my trimming was off, but it just wasn't turning as sharply as it should. I've got +1degree toe-in and camber on it and it should be turning pretty sharply, but wasn't. After checking everything I could, I tried a different set of tires up front, and sure enough, softer tires seemed to help. I think the car had more grip up front and thus was creating understeer effect. New tires changed all that now the car really rocket's around those sharp corners! I placed 4th out of 9 car's that day. Made me realize just how important tire choices are!