View Full Version : TGR spinner

2008.04.29, 09:42 AM

I have problems with the setup of the spinner . Ive manage to get it into setup mode but after that i dont understand if i should press the throttle 2 or 3 times before it come to the brakingprocedure (step5).
i mean is it once for entering the setup, once for middle position, once for throttle, then after that comes the brake.

After the brake (step 5) is the car ready to run or do i have to disconnect the batteries and start again.


2008.06.26, 05:44 PM
I am having a problem with my spinner esc. I just finished my sinister build, and went to set up my esc with a pn speedy 07 motor. I got it set-up, It worked ok, then it started to cut out. I then tried to set it up again. It was still acting the same. I tried again, and when I powered back up, the esc just flashes at a medium pace. I assume this protect mode, but now I can't get it out of that mode to try to set up a different motor.
might anyone have any ideas?