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2008.04.30, 06:40 PM
Hello there. I just measured my back deck. It is about 14 feet wide, and over 30 feet long. What's the best RCP track I can comfortably set up in this space? I want plenty of walk around room, I want half technical and I want some good long steights. Any suggestions? Is there a track-builder on line where I can arrange thing's and see how it'll fit?
I figured dad's not useing the deck, we never use the deck, so why not set up a track there? Only issue is Colorado weather. Will have to be either covered up some how, or taken apart and put away when weather is bad.
I know I can fit the starter kit Mini 96 on that space right? What else would you recommend? I despertaly want a track at home to use for practicing and prepping my car's between race day's. That, and it'll give me something to do.
I personally would love to enclose the deck to keep the track permanent, but well, you know.

2008.04.30, 06:49 PM
you can fit 2 wide L's pretty easily. you need 13' wide to make the most of it.

Most of the HFAY tracks will fit in that area. :D

2008.04.30, 06:52 PM
Here's a picture of my back deck.
This is the ONLY place at home of which I can set up something like this. Dad and I never use the space so why not? Should I try and get the Mini-96 before getting a Dnano?

Shadow Runner
2008.04.30, 09:58 PM
Didn't you already get a dNaNo? Anyway, if you get a mini-96 you'll probably want to get the expansion (I did) for those dNaNos you'll have racing on them. Thats totaling $300. To me it sounds like you like the dNaNo too much for letting a track get in your way of buying a/some dNaNo(s) right away. The way I see it would you rather have a track with no dNaNo to race on or have a dNaNo with at least the ability to race elsewhere (until you could get the track).

2008.04.30, 10:14 PM
Good point there, but! Wouldn't I enjoy the Dnano even more if I had a track set up at home to race it on? I can't afford both, but, at least with the track, I can enjoy my current car's even more instead of waiting forever for next race day. My birthday is coming next week and I'm hoping some how I can get both. I've got money set up for one or the other.
Question really is, what kind of a set up can I comfortably put in the space I've got? I'd like to be able to have some sort of pit table, charging station, and a couch. My ideal set up for this area, would be have it completely enclosed like a sun-room. Set up the track permanently, add a couch, and the othe amneties I mentioned. If it was enclosed, I could keep it all year round.
In order to get both track and Dnano, I would need 600 clams, give or take a few shells. :D

2008.04.30, 10:16 PM
At least with the Dnano, I can race it in smaller spaces where the Z is too big. So, it's a toss-up. Iny, Miney, Moe; do I want a track or a Dnano!

2008.05.01, 02:55 AM
Nice deck you've got over there. What a space.:)

I would go for whatever the HFAY prescribes and try to fit that.

I've two Z racers right now, and the most important goal for me is to be able to actually race the expensive bastards and not only look at them.

(Help, I need a track, where in Europe can I buy RCP:eek::confused:)

2008.05.01, 02:58 AM
BTW, is HFAY on mini-96 track or the larger tile track?

2008.05.01, 07:32 AM
^ HFAY is raced with 2 wide Ls.

Marc, if you want to have pit areas and seating, you may want to stick with the 2 wide Ls.

We have a little more space than you, and set up all kinds of layouts.

Our room is 16 wide and about 40 long. We have a lot of room at each end of the track though, and some around both sides. Id say our track is the 13' wide (sometimes a little wider at the far end), and about 24-26' long. We have 3 wide Ls a wide radius turn kit and the 45* kit. You could probably have a bigger track than 2 wide Ls, but it all depends on how much area you want around the track, and how crteative you can get with the s pace you have.

Here is a link to the track Im talking about. Ill get another pic up in that thread today of a narrower layout. It is only 4 lanes wide for the length of it. I could measure it for you if you are interested in an exact size.