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2008.05.02, 07:05 PM
Hello Tim. Is there going to be a 2.4 F1 chassis or at least a conversion kit for the F1?

2008.05.02, 09:47 PM
for those who can't wait i think ruf was able to a conversion will post link to it later

2008.05.10, 05:30 PM
i need this link if you have it?

2008.05.10, 08:05 PM
i need this link if you have it?Here's one thread ruf posted regarding his F1 2.4GHz conversion http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27746.

2008.05.10, 09:18 PM
yep found that one but he never finished the tutorial.

2008.05.29, 02:37 PM
For someone who is completely rubbish at soldering,is there going to be a specific 2.4ghz F1 pcb set?(like there is now the AWD pcb set) with the wires the right length etc?

2008.07.12, 05:15 PM
no answers yet?

anyone know if there is a 2.4 F1 conversion or readyset that will be available?


2008.07.12, 05:20 PM
i haev not seen any news on this nor has tim responded to the question if i recall.

i had cristian skillfully do my conversion using the mr-02 board. infact, i just paired it up with my helios/2.4 module along with my 2.4 hfay car. now all i have left to convert is my awd.

2008.07.12, 05:39 PM
I was hoping one would become availabe some time. I'd rather buy a new one with the board already in, but if I have to I'll buy the board and install it myself, I'd eventually would like to convert my Overland as well.

2008.07.12, 05:47 PM
I would eventually like to convert my Overland as well.Me to, the Overland & Monster conversion would very cool & of course the F1's. ;)

2008.07.13, 12:52 AM
Sorry about not wrapping up the F1 2.4GHz tutorial. Cristian does most of the writing for the site, so I'll see if we can get it posted soon.