View Full Version : My Micros

2008.05.02, 08:34 PM
I just got my new Micro-DT today. This thing rocks. Much better than the Micro-T. Check out the blingage.

2008.05.05, 09:33 PM
i just ordered my rc18B, that thing looks cool. comon give us some specs. what are those arms and are those wheels/tires stock?

2008.05.05, 10:16 PM
Sweet. Cant wait to play when it gets here. The tires and wheels are not stock. They are made by 3-Racing, but I dont like them much. They are too oversized! I put a set of stock Micro-T tires/wheels on it for now till I can order some more for it. The lower arms are GPM brand. The truck also has aluminum knuckles, aluminum front camber links, Aluminum motor cover, and aluminum Shocks all around. The truck is set up nicely with a light chassis modification to fit 4 cell 2/3AAA 400mAh batteries (nice runtime ;)) This is a great looking truck in person. I wish I had a better camera.