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2008.05.03, 12:41 PM
I just recently finished painting a Vette body, and it came out fairly decent (not quite as nice as some I have seen posted on here of course). I'll post some pics of it sometime soon.

My problem has become setting up my chassis to be able to race the 94 mm body properly. I'm using PN upgrades, the ML disc damper (with a stock spring shock on top) and the ML motor mount with a super soft T plate. Also, the damper plates and discs are fully sanded and I used a bit of 200 weight Kyosho silicon lube on the damper discs so it should have smooth action.

First of all the rear suspension has very little travel because the components are so close together, as I expected. My main problem is that the suspension sticks. It will compress OK but does not have proper downforce or something to return to the low tire position.

Any advice? I would rather not have to revert to the stock motor mount just to run 94 mm.

PS: I forgot to mention, this is a Mid Motor mount setup, not an RM.

2008.05.04, 01:40 AM
Use a slightly stiffer top spring. If you are using an FRP or super soft t-plate. I prefer the red spring out of the Kyosho set. I have also rigged up a few different top shocks, with different springs that I have laying around, but still prefer the stock one with the red Kyosho spring, since the mounting is very easy to do, and easy to get spare parts when something breaks, since many people keep them in their pit box, and dont use them.

If you want to go cheap, the 3Racing set isnt too bad. Try different spring rates with the oil you are using, or different weight oils with the springs you have access to...

2008.05.10, 11:21 PM
Thanks for the tips EMU. I only have a couple damper springs so I went back to the stock black one and that helped. I also switched damper post springs, so that the stiff is on the bottom for more downforce. Additionally I found that the nut holding my spring down was too tight and not allowing the spring any give.

It seems to be working much better, although I need to get a damper spring set at some point. The car did fairly well at the track today. Here are some pictures of the chassis setup and my Vette. This was my 2nd hobby scale paint job.:D





2008.05.10, 11:25 PM





2008.05.11, 01:05 AM
By looking at the way the motor wires are run, I would think you may have issues with them interfering with the damper discs/post.

If you have any loss in rear grip, I would not advise you to use the hard spring on the bottom of the damper. A medium spring may be alright, but a hard spring is going to make it wash out much more off throttle. The harder spring on the bottom adds more on throttle steering, but may make the car harder to handle.

That is one sexy vette. Even without her clothes, shes still purty.

2008.05.11, 08:08 PM
That is one sexy vette. Even without her clothes, shes still purty.

Thanks man, since this was my first Mini Z it took a lot of work to get it operating and looking how I wanted. I was using it in 98 mm configuration but switched to 94 mm because I just finished the Vette paint job. I'm pretty happy with the upgrade parts, mostly PN.

The motor wires are not interfering with the damper discs or post I made sure of that, although I realize they don't look perfect. I need to put some shorter wire leads on that motor one of these days, I'm still a little shy with a soldering iron around expensive stuff.

At the track she did fine, pulled second place in 2 qualifying rounds. Popped a body clip though which is a separate issue (no more Kyosho stringy tube glue for me). So I had to switch back to 98 mm and my blue mustang for the final race.

However, I did notice the rear end was wandering a bit at off-throttle like you describe. I will get some new springs next time I make an order and get it setup proper.

I appreciate the high performance tuning tips EMU, thanks again.

2008.05.12, 01:45 AM
Sounds like the car did well for its debut. I have no problem with the Kyosho glue, although I prefer the Plasti Zap http://www3.omnimodels.com/cgi-bin/woi0001p?&I=PAAR2500&P=7 You can also use the Zip Kicker if you need it in a rush (before a race) http://www3.omnimodels.com/cgi-bin/woi0001p?&I=PAAR3715&P=7

2008.12.29, 02:31 PM

Loved the custom plate in the pic

great detail