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2002.05.22, 07:11 AM
Yep.. I boght a bottle of this Corally "tyre traction" gripping agent.
Turns out I have a heck of a grip for 15sec, then the tires are all dirty and slippery again..
Oh well thought I'd share the experience.

2002.05.22, 07:42 AM
If you want real tracktion compound, get "Ground Effects" made by "Paragon". This is what all the 1/10 guys use around the LHS track and I tried it on my mini-z and it works GREAT!!!

I've used it on both, ozite and outdoor concrete and it helped alot with both. It doesn't gum up the tires or make them sticky, it soaks in and reacts with the rubber, heating up the tires and softening them. Has quite a pleasent smell to it too, but don't go off in a corner and huff it, you'll kill some brain cells.

Hope this helps!!!

2002.05.22, 08:02 AM
This is what all the 1/10 guys use around the LHS track
Yep.. same here ;)
or that's what the guy behind the counter said...

2002.05.22, 05:02 PM
I've used the Paragon and it works really well. But, I feel the Orion Street Juice works better! It lasts longer and seems to have more grip. Though, it doesn't have the cool scent, since its odorless.