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2008.05.04, 08:34 PM
My controller that i got with my mr02 [kt-5 i think] has been acting up every once in a while. when i just barely touch the trigger forwards or backwards [it doesnt even move], my car starts moving at about 1/4 throttle and doesnt stop until i hit the brakes. i know its the controller, because i used my friends controller with my crystal and my batteries, and my car suddenly worked fine. this weird issue with my controller only happens once in a while, but its annoying enough that i would like to know why its happening. :eek:

so since i know a lot of you guys know a lot more than me, i just thought i'd ask.


2008.05.05, 03:39 AM
If you've already tried trimming it then it'll be the controller I think, yeah.

Just grab yourself a new one. The KT5 is someone that your more experienced racers can't wait to get rid of lol!

2008.05.05, 04:26 PM
lol, when i realized that it was the controller, i immediately thought that now i'd have a great excuse to get a better one. :rolleyes:

So, which controller would you reccomend i get? [probably not a helios] something under $100.

2008.05.05, 04:40 PM
a few people at our club run the Futaba 2PL

Computer radio with:

Model Memory- Capable of storing 10 models with all the settings for each model.

Model Name- Provides 3-Character name for each of the 10 models stored for easy selection.

ABS (Antilock Braking System)- Antilock braking by pulsing the brakes on and off rapidly. Can be set for Fast, Mild or Slow pulsing.

Throttle/Steering End Point Adjustment (EPA)- Limits the servo movement or travel to the left or right. Each side can be adjusted independently.

Servo Reversing (Throttle/Steering)- Reverses the servos operating rotation (Normal or Reverse)

Model Reset- Resets the memory to Manufactures settings.

Low Battery Alarm below 8.5V

Steering Dual Rate Lever- Adjust the steering travel while cornering. Add steering for understeering or take away steering for oversteering.

Easy to read LCD Screen.

Digital Throttle/Steering Trim Levers- For fine adjustments at the neutral positions either left or right.


2008.05.05, 05:18 PM
The 2PL would be my choice for a transmitter under $100. However, if you plan to get a 2.4ghz car in the future, I would recommend that you save up a little more and get a KO radio with Mini-Z module. That way you could get the 2.4 module when you upgrade, and not have to use the KT-18 radio...

2008.05.05, 05:40 PM
Personally, for less than $100 I'd say the Kyosho KT-14. :)

2008.05.05, 06:03 PM
Personally, for less than $100 I'd say the Kyosho KT-14. :)

The KT-14 is the Airtronics MX-A. I have both, and the features are better on the MX-A, slightly. However, the 2PL is a better controller. Less interference, better steering centering, and the model names really help. The MX-A has 2 more model memories (12 instead of 10), which make it even more confusing without being able to name them. I prefer the MX-A interface more, but the 2PL feels better, and has better response. The trigger on the MX-A has a MUCH shorter throw than the 2PL, which gives less adjustment. The wheel has less travel as well. Which again, gives the edge to the 2PL. Having more movement is allways better, so you can have more precision. If you dont want to use that throw, you can allways dial it out. Just like having short throw pedals in a car, you dont want an inch to use your throttle, since you would have to make very small precise movements.

The Futaba has a stronger radio signal (from my experience). I have less glitching with the 2PL than my Helios as well. I had thought the MX-A was a superior radio to the 2PL for quite a while based on features. But you really dont need those features (ARC and Sub-trim), and the 2PL really is the best 27mhz AM radio on the market for Mini-Z. If you really need those additional settings, then you have something wrong with your setup, and are just trying to hide it with tranmitter settings.

The KT-14/MX-A is not a bad radio, but I would choose the 2PL over it. And for AM mini-z, there really is no reason to get anything else. If you would plan to get an Ad or 2.4, then you could consider the EX-10, EX-1 UR, or even the 3PK and modify the module for it.

2008.05.05, 09:10 PM
good review... :D
could probably make a new thread... "best controllers for under $100" :D

2008.05.06, 02:13 AM
good review... :D
could probably make a new thread... "best controllers for under $100"
Yeah man, I agree. There's quite a wealth of information here that I'm sure loads've people would fine useful! :D