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2008.05.05, 07:32 AM
So for those of you that dont know, the track at Hobby Town should be consistently a green light barring any special events they manage to have. Sean is going to work it out so that there are tables back there for things, but mostly its our track. It would seem that we have spearheaded our foothold on that space by being the only people that consistently use it. So now if you want to race you dont have to go through the trouble of setting it up unless you want to change it around. We want to keep it a little smaller than normal, HFAY tracks only if possible, but if you want to change it, just change it back. The reason for this is that we dont want the track walked on or anything. Right now there is space to move around it. So yeah, enjoy that.

Action B
2008.05.05, 10:32 AM
YEAH! +1 for seven cities racing! I will go and test my car maybe today!

2008.05.05, 01:41 PM
hey fellas, i will be visiting va beach this next week, any race plans for the upcoming weekend?? this is the hobbytown on va beach blvd right??
i'll pack some cars for the trip.



2008.05.05, 02:07 PM
We would normally run on the 17th, but I could be there on the 10th.

Yeah, the one on the Blvd

Action B
2008.05.05, 04:05 PM
I graduate on the 10th, I'll drop by probably, but a little late!

2008.05.05, 11:35 PM
yeah, i'm there for a graduation as well, so i'll have to see if i can sneak away for a while. what times on saturday are your usual get together? anyone ever have any problems with a mini-z and controller in your carry-on? hopefully i'll see some racing. i'll keep ya updated.


2008.05.06, 12:54 AM
Never carried on, but I'd avoid bringing lithium batteries. Otherwise shouldn't be a problem Id think.

We're usually there around 10-11am and leave around 5 or 6.

2008.05.06, 07:54 AM
I almost forgot, a buddy of mine has a show on the 10th (http://pics.livejournal.com/sxecrow/pic/000013xg.jpg). I'll need to go to that, but I should still be able to run in the morning.

Action B
2008.05.06, 06:02 PM
The controller is fine. I've taken mine before. I've also taken lithium in my bag. Me and Maya and maybe even my father will be by most likely after my graduation.

2008.05.06, 10:13 PM
DOT introduced new regulations about loose lithium cells recently, check with your airline.

Action B
2008.05.07, 02:06 AM
I was up there testing today. Man its nice, I just roll in and tune my car. 3racing ball diffs.... version 3. Work like a charm! However, the car seems a bit unstable, I have a hard time stabilizing for straightaways after turns and keeping my momentum due to that. I need some more time on the track.