View Full Version : New Race Location...

2008.05.05, 04:25 PM
If anyone is interested in racing with us DOW guys... PM me and I'll send you directions! We are currently racing in my basement and we have room for about 10-12. We are going to get back to a more regular schedule, so there will be Thursday night racing 6pm-11pmish... and Sunday 10:30am-6pmish.

I will post here to verify all race dates.

Oh... and if our DOW site disappears in the next few weeks... don't be surprised. Bit of an IT issue... so we may just finally make MZR our main home like everyone else.

2008.05.08, 11:21 PM
Well, Thursday night racing seemed to go pretty well, the Core counter worked flawlessly but there still may be some slight issues with the elevation changes but it's nothing that ruins any racing. (I'm buying more materials next week to remedy this) It's about a 7-8 second lap track which seems a far cry from our 11-13 second layouts at our Schlegel facility, but it's still great racing and we are certainly going to have more of it now.

I'm planning to post a video of the home track soon, so stay tuned.

We will be racing Thursday night the 15th 6pm-11pmish and that following Sunday the 18th 10:30am-6pmish.