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2008.05.06, 06:32 AM
Just arrived this morning! :D



I drove a 2.4 on a HFAY track and it had a decent speed to space ratio and it felt perfect right out of the box so I had to get one for next season now that the any FET rule has come in!

It's bone stock until I test it tomorrow night but as soon as I know it works properly and this season of HFAY is over I'm gonna make some modifications.

It SHOULD run well as it is, so for this car I'm sticking with the basic upgrades: H-Plate, Bearings, Diff, Knuckles.

I so can't wait for next season now...

As soon as this becomes my HFAY car, my old HFAY (3010) car will become my open car and my open car (4562) will become a spare car that I'll do tests on and lend out to club newbies. :)

2008.05.06, 07:06 AM
Very nice mate! I'm gonna be using my 2.4 car for hfay next season too.So your slowest car is going to be your open car? Have i missed something?
And loaning out your current open car (4562's) to newbies should be fun,for the two minutes before it's totalled!!:eek:

2008.05.06, 07:38 AM
Lol, I think it's crazy too but I have an idea... Bare with me.

Current: 4562's and Xspeed:
This is VERY quick and only benefits from all its speed on the main straight. In the corners, which happen to be the majority of the track, I loose a lot of speed. SO...

New: 3010s and Atomic Stock R
I wont feel the punch like I would with the 4562's giving me more linear throttle and control which I prefer way more than from naught to stupid in .1 seconds lol.

The Stock R will deliver a lot of speed but not too much (in theory) so I might be able to get tighter lines and more consistency; giving me a better pace. I think this will pay off for me... You should also consider:

My HFAY car is nowhere near the fastest at our club put I can put down challenging lap times because I can put it where I want it.

Rocket Rich has a fast stock car. I bet my car would smoke his in a straight line but in the SMZRCC last month I couldn't keep up because the corners took my speed away whereas his stayed the same.

Liam isn't making this heat of the SMZRCC so we'll all be taking one drop anyway so I am going to use this as an opportunity to test something out. :D

If it comes to it being slower then I'll go back to the 4562 chassis lol.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

As for the newbie car - I'll tone it down and strengthen it don't worry. ;)

2008.05.06, 01:32 PM
Very nice Tom mate, dare i ask what it cost?
Have you had a chance to see how the new shells hold up yet?

2008.05.06, 01:47 PM
It was 70 posted Mal. But not TX... Butttt, I have ordered a module for a futher 40. :D

That particular body is the strongest of the LM bodies and when I used my dads for a race the other week it held up well. Dunno about in the long run though. Fingers crossed!

2008.05.06, 02:40 PM
lots of hotglue and ya sorted! looks mad cool though, gona get new rims or leave them ones? i thought they need the classic tires:confused:

2008.05.06, 02:44 PM
I dunno man... I reckon some gold team atlas or square will look great. Perhaps on my next EGR order. :D