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2008.05.06, 08:15 AM
After a real easy drive, we got up to DC around 1. We had trouble getting the van set up right. After switching out the H plate and going to 0 offset wheels, it was getting better. Couldn't get the PN MM pod to work with the damper, so we switched to a stock pod that Tallgeese gave us (VAzRacer told us how to make it work after the race). Didn't have time to balance the car and didn't have my bismuth (http://www.unitednuclear.com/bismuth.htm) with me, so I popped the rack off the top of the van. The gear mesh was terrible due to the stock pod, but the car was running.

I took the first qualifying heat. Came in last. I let ActionB take the next one, he came in next to last, IIRC, as Peregrinari lost a wheel. ActionB definitely was synced with the car better than I was, so I let him take our place in the B main, where, despite losing a wheel at one point, he managed to place 2 (43 laps) of 3 behind Arch2B (57 laps).

The van sounded awful. Every time you let off the throttle, it sounded like someone trying to down shift and totally screwing it up. Going from reverse to forward resulted in a screaming sound before the gears caught. We were all laughing our ass off at it.

The vans did handle amazingly well and everyone ran a great race. We had a good crowd spectating too. It was a lot of fun.

We went to dinner with Peregrinari, Tallgeese, and VAzRacer and hung out for a bit before driving home. Good times.

Action B
2008.05.07, 02:03 AM
I synced with the van by watching ghostbusters three times the night before the trip. The van sounded like someone was driving it and shifting without using the clutch. Ouch.

2008.05.16, 07:33 AM