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2008.05.08, 02:10 AM
Check out my new baby!



It's a Nascar conversion kit on an F1 chassis. It's flippin huge. It's hand painted and I think it used to belong to pinoyboy. It's an excellent piece of kit!

This is the car of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and it's b'dass! :D

2008.05.08, 05:15 AM
Thats sweet Tom! I wanted to get the pickupy one when i had an F1.

Looks really sweet though, how close are the rear mounts to the ground though :|

2008.05.08, 08:13 AM
That's a bit nice Tom, can't wait to pass it with my Byebye bostin' machine!

I got one of the Nascar trucks, i'm just looking in to what colour scheme to go with, i saw a really bright flourescent green/yellow one the other night, might have to go with that!
Anyone any idea's what decal scheme is with that one?

2008.05.08, 11:09 AM
Look's like one of those smaller version's of the NASCAR vehicles, almost go-kart like with the smaller F1 wheels. Cool.............

2008.05.08, 11:14 AM
i have a cp cup car collecting dust if anyone is interested. it also comes with a matching truck body. just pm me if needed.

2008.05.08, 11:53 AM
It's quite low, yeah Chris.

Mal, I looked for that car for you... No luck. Do this one instead:



It's quite a big car... Twice the size of my Mazda RX7.

2008.05.08, 01:40 PM
MMMM tasty looking car (woop bad pun :D)