View Full Version : Atomic L.C.G Motor Pod for (LM) 98-102mm.

2008.05.09, 06:06 AM

2008.05.09, 06:32 AM
The weight distribution looks quite a bit better than the PN unit...

2008.05.09, 06:47 AM
and adjustable rear axle height:)
i want one:cool:

2008.05.09, 12:50 PM
It doesnt look to have much space for gear adjustment.

I will have to get one though. Although, will it need an LM diff???

2008.07.01, 05:14 PM
Question: With a normal diff, can this motorpod under my mac laren fitten??


DJ Kyosho
2008.07.01, 07:29 PM
Question: With a normal diff, can this motorpod under my mac laren fitten??


Looking at the picture... this will only work with an LM diff and 0 offset wheels which is equal to having +3 offset wheels with the regular motor mount and regular diff.

2008.07.02, 10:40 AM
when is this coming out to buy. and were can i buy one at

2008.07.02, 11:05 AM
be careful, there is no rear wing mount

2008.10.03, 01:50 PM
Does anyone tried this pod?

2008.10.03, 02:13 PM
I got one, dont like it. Stripped the screw holes on the adapter since the supplied screws pinch the motor pinion in place. Used slightly shorter screws (about 1mm shorter) which stripped out the holes in the adapter as I tightened it. Now the original screws wont hold. Going to drill out the holes on the mount a little, and use larger diameter screws and see if I can get it to work properly. The main problem here is the screws, not the mount. I have no other screws that are equal length, and ATM insists on having a flanged screw head. I guess you can shave down the flange if you want.

You cannot use a 9t pinion with the stock gear diff. 8t barely fits (feels a little tight). I used a ti ATM LM shaft and a Kyosho ball diff, with 41t spur, so I wont have that problem anymore.

Going to give the 3Racing LM mount a try.

2009.01.09, 01:46 PM
Don't mean to sound like a hater -- but does it seem Atomic parts are lagging in terms of quality, aesthetics and performance? Based on my experience: I've had a SAS system that just needed too much TLC to get consistent. TAR diffs that needed modification to get smooth. Plastic knuckles that are prone to breakage more than other manufacturers. This post is an interesting one where automatically I am jaded when I hear the "A" word, besides I cannot get beyond the looks of this piece. Clunky. Somebody prove me wrong -- I'm ready to get chastised here :)

2010.04.22, 02:36 AM
This motor pod works, using it in both my mod n stock. Both are planted and predictable :)

2010.04.22, 10:52 AM
Im thinking about giving this mount another try ;)

2010.05.07, 08:59 PM
Yep so this motor mount worked out pretty well for me in the KO Mini-Z Grand Prix. Here some pics of my car....

2010.05.08, 12:18 AM
phea - Thank You for posting your KO GP chassis setup:D

Awesome car:D Good enough for a TQ and a 1st in Expert Stock A-Main & Expert Modified:D Great job. (If I am mistaken then please correct me:o).

A few questions please:

[1]Any reason you ran a Titanium DPS plate? How heavy is the 98mm Ti DPS plate compared to the SSG ATM 98mm DPS plate? I like Titanium but I thought the weight would throw-off the CG of the chassis.

[2]What made you run the ATM 98-102 Super-LowLCG pod instead of say the ATM V.5 98mm pod? I thought there were problems with the ATM 98-102mm pod, like limited spur/pinion space, bulky design (esp. the rear x-bar on the pod).

[3]The V.2 ATM LCG pod, the original 98mm version, I thought was super dope. Is the V.5 98mm Atomic Ultra-Light pod any better/superior to the 98mm ATM V.2 pod? Also I see Atomic has released a new VI (Version 6!) 94mm 'MidMount' pod with some kind of new DPS post "plate".

Thanks again:)

2010.05.08, 02:12 PM
The LM mount has lower CG than the 98mm LCG mount. The motor is mounted flat, and it does have more limited gearing, but spur choice gives you options for tall gearing and better motor placement (towards the rear of the mount). Most of the fast ATM guys at NYRC use this mount for their 98mm setups. It plants the rear end a little more since the mount has less CG. I will try to get a chance to weight them both, and see what the difference is.

I just picked up one of these mounts, and am going to build it up today on an 02, and decide if I want to move it to an 03 after it is assembled if it drives well.

2010.05.08, 06:50 PM
I'd like to try this pod since im converting over to 98mm. Unfortunately, no hobbyshop has them in stock at the moment :(

2010.05.09, 02:50 AM
According to the shopping cart, they have 5 in stock...

I set mine up tonight, and ran it in an LM class. I ran a MR03 with PN mount/Kawada DDS in 2 rounds of qualify, that I have been working on for a couple weeks. Between the 2 round and the start of the mains, I installed the mount with a stock LM damper plate and standard top shock onto an MR03 that I had with a McLaren body at 96mm. I got the exact same fast lap when I ran the car in the main with a slightly slower motor.

Chicken Little
2010.11.17, 10:57 PM
I have this pod and it is great. The car (LM) is very planted and predictable. My only problem is that after a full season of using it, the mount that bolts onto the motor and onto the pod has stripped. Does Atomic sell this piece separately?