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2008.05.10, 08:20 AM
:rolleyes: Figured it to be an appropriate name. Anyways, here's the pics of the new layout and a video of some test laps. We did have a monster elevation for the first iteration of this track but it was kind of hard to control the cars with the tires off the ground. :D

Video is here:


2008.05.10, 09:20 AM
That's a fantastic track. The support on your hill is good. We tried a hill last month at Stafford and it never went so well after a few races.

I bet it's a hard track to navigate going anti-clockwise...

2008.05.10, 09:32 AM
Nice track, love the 'corkscrew' section. Shouldn't you be running it the other way in order to imitate the real thing?

2008.05.10, 11:52 AM
cool layout! first thing I noticed though was the sound of the car everytime you hit the throttle :)...

2008.05.10, 12:58 PM
I was more worried about the sound it made when I hit the rails! ;)

It's fairly smooth now but I had to add more braces than I thought. I used 1/4" thk plywood for the top surfaces but I would recommend using 1/2" to anyone else. I can stand on the hill going up to the turn platform and the platform itself, but the downhill backstretch was kept lightweight for possible usage at out-of-home events. There are still some bumps here and there but it's still very driveable, no more flight control needed. the end of the backstretch is probably the toughest spot because the transition from plywood to concrete is the trickiest thing to accomplish. I may just grab some sheet PVC from work to try to even it out a bit more.

The track does work really well in both directions (true Laguna fashion), and it's really not that bad going down the twisty, but coming off of the then uphill backstretch is a big braking spot.

I am still planning on putting some metalworking skills into use and bending/welding up some angle iron into a nice backstretch arched bridge and maybe get the underpass back in there, but for now this works just fine.

The sound is my semi-stripped 64 pitch gear set, we did that damage at the DC/NCRC Endurance race a while back.

I'm sure we'll have some race videos floating around soon (I'm sure Mod class isn't going to be pretty) so stay tuned all and thanks for the comments!

2008.05.10, 10:19 PM
Got to be there for the unveiling. Dowguna part is really cool. After some track tweeking....turned out really cool.:D

Davey G
2008.05.11, 06:14 PM
I dig! :D

2008.05.11, 09:44 PM
Thanks Davey! Would be glad to have you stop over sometime, and if Larry's driving, I'll check out your home track too! ;)

Old Crow
2008.05.13, 07:45 PM
Nice job Ed, had my doubts when I saw the computer generated graphic pictures, hope to make it down soon.

I would also add, in my experiance, the AWD have a advantage on the "Hill" courses. I guess we'll see how that plays out....

2008.05.14, 02:47 PM
Ed, leme know when you want to weld stuff. I've got a MIG in my garage that you're more than welcome to use, or if you need someone to weld something ;-)

2008.05.14, 03:21 PM
Ed, leme know when you want to weld stuff. I've got a MIG in my garage that you're more than welcome to use, or if you need someone to weld something ;-)

I knew we kept you around for some reason! :p

You coming over tomorrow night?

By the way... your Blog ROCKS! I gotta get me a pair of those flip flops!

2008.05.14, 07:40 PM
testing/tuning is at 6:30 ed?

2008.05.14, 10:30 PM
Not a prob bud.

I can definitely stop by tomorrow. I just need to know what time. I can't stay super late but I could definitely use the tuning time. I'm still unpacking at home from college.. ugh

Those flops are great :) You can get em at VF in the blue bldg. I can sell those camo ones. I haven't used them yet cause they are a size too small for me (size 12) Ill bring em by for ya ;-)

2008.05.15, 07:41 AM
Yep, 6:30pm we start... we'll get some 5 minute runs in for sure tonight.

2008.05.15, 04:05 PM
Ed could you post the mapquest link to your place again?

2008.05.16, 08:10 AM
I must have just missed this message yesterday...left work just before you posted.

I sent you the location link via PM.

And here's an image to clarify where to park and such, orange dot is my pad, red dots are good places to park.

We will be racing this Sunday as well, 10:30am-???... hope we'll see you there!

2008.05.16, 09:11 AM
awesome Ill be there