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2008.05.11, 01:41 PM
I couldnt find any dedicated radline forums so i made one, for all its worth. register and check it out! first 5 that register on the forum and pm me a request there can be mods.:)

edit: we have our first mod: greekone
others please come soon!

its on http://radlinerc(dot)2ksite(dot)com/

2009.03.19, 06:49 AM
Hey, I signed up and pm'd you (here and there) and posted (there)and......nothing:mad: what's going on with the forum? My post does not show up and it has been a full day now.:confused:

It's neet having the forum all to myself...maybe it needs work

2013.03.05, 03:02 PM
where did the radline forum go?